Friday, April 06, 2007


6 MONTHS!!!!

He was rolling around naked on the couch and footrest. He loved every moment of it! I will post more about Baylor being 6 months later. I hear him walking up and we have to get moving now...we're going shopping! :o) Until then, enjoy the pics!

Shopping was a little productive. We found adorable pink and white Nike sandals for Averie. They will get a lot of use. And many picture frames. This time if won't take us until the next photo session (3 months) to go buy frames. I think I have all that I will be able to fit on the hallway walls purchased! We get the Sears pics back Monday! Yea!

So, my little buddy boy! You are growing so fast...and time is going so fast. I can hardly believe you are six months! That is not right! You are getting so big and are so happy almost all of the time. You love rolling around and grabbing things for sure. You reach everything. And mostly with your left hand. So, we quite possibly have a lefty on our hands! You also have little things you do that are so funny and cute. You always suck on your left first two fingers...and at bed time you suck on those two fingers and sink your right fist back into your pj sleeve. I guess to keep it warm. Many mornings we wake up and find your entire right arm bent in half in your sleeve. It is pretty cute! You also wake up happy every morning! You sleep snuggled in the top left corner of your bed on your belly. And if you aren't able to get to your belly you turn your head to the side and put your face close to your bumper. You love to snuggle your bumper. You also really love mama singing to you. It can calm you down in the car, while you're fussing during awake time...or just anytime really. I really enjoy being able to do that for you. Your favorite toys right now are your beads, your blanket toy with the rubber (textured) corners and the monkeys Averie used to love! You loved eating cereal all for about a week, and we will hopefully try again soon! You still love chewing on the spoons. You also really love having your gums brushed. A lot. You reach and grab and lean to get it every night before bed! You love smiling at your sister and you really love it when she talks and pays attention to you! You are a very happy boy and we are so lucky to have you! We love you so much, Baylor! Happy 6 months!

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