Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween dinner

We are starting a new FUN tradition!!

Creepy Halloween Dinner-
Snake Bite pizza
Cheesy Bones with Mummy Sauce
Bloodshot Eyeballs
Orange Fingers with Slime
Witches Brew
Mud and Worms for dessert

Muahahahahahaha!!!!! <------ evil Mama laugh!!!!

Pics of dinner will be posted tomorrow.
Here are a few pics of our fun from this morning and yesterday. No specific order... Our super cute pumpkin family, Colbie's melted crayon leaf, Bugga boy, snake bite pizza & Baylor's super tall tower.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

fall fun this week

Monday- Here is what we are doing today and this week, which highlights some of the many reasons we love homeschooling- today we played catch-up from the weekend. Cleaned and organized the kids rooms (holy disaster!). They are better but not great, yet. Had homemade pumpkin seeds for a snack. Folded and put away lots of laundry. Watched a Dora show. And it's only 11:30! Next the big kids are going to organize and make lunch with each food group. After lunch we are going to make homemade applesauce. The applesauce turned out amazing! The kids did great helping me cut the apples. Their food group lunch turned out so good too- pb and banana sandwiches. Carrots. Yogurt and milk. Yummy!

Tuesday- We colored fall pictures and wrote a little story about them. The kids have been playing playmobil and we are about to do a fall leaf craft with crayon shavings and wax paper...

Later this week... Halloween fudge. Creepy Halloween lunch. Harvest wreath. Grandma day. Friend sleepover/day. More pics to come!

colbie is 3


1 year old Colbie

2 year old Colbie

You are something else! You are smart, sassy, feisty, sweet, loving, energetic, and did I mention feisty? You are in constant motion and rarely sit still. You love tagging along with Averie and Baylor and are very good at pushing buttons. You love PupPup and still suck your fingers but only in your bed. You have preschool during the week, you're doing dot paint letters and watching Sesame Street (your leaning show) in the morning. You absolutely love Demsey. You want to hug, kiss, love on, hold, and be right by him every chance you get. So far he doesn't mind! But, I know eventually he will tell you otherwise. You know most of your letters and are starting to show interest in writing your name. You are left handed which we've suspected for a while now. You love to paint pictures and paint your hand and make prints. You love outside time and can pedal a bike with training wheels and a tricycle. You've also figured out how fun it is to lay on your belly and swing. You're growing up so fast these days. You do have a temper don't like to ask for help, you'd rather just scream and cry. You have fits like we've never experienced before and are sometimes completely irrational! But, you have a reason I suppose. I will say though that the crazy meltdowns are getting better, we've been better about getting down to your level and figuring out why you're upset. Even though you have your feisty moments, you are still very sweet and loving.  XOXO, we love you sweet Doosie.  So so much!

Princess Colbs
My beautiful girl

Birthday lunch
Big girl bed!!
Blowing out her star candles

Big Bucket Tip Birthday!

Dora cupcakes at Big Bucket

bay's party

His tractor dirt cake.

I can't believe we have a 6 year old!

For your special day, we went to Great Wolf Lodge again!  You decided to be super brave and go down all the big slides this time!!  I was so proud of you!!  It was like a whole new experience for you.  We opened gifts, had cupcakes, dinner, and had so much fun.  We even invited your friends Bronsen and Kitsen and they were there to celebrate with you (and Colbie too).  After your Birthday, we invited GG, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Brad, Aunt Shannon (your Godparents) and Delaney over for soup, salad, and tractor dirt cake.  :o)  You chose tomato soup, Patty's salad, and garlic bread. YUM!

Bugga boy, playing.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

productivity & fun

I just realized that I hadn't posted all week. So far, this week has been great! I got a chance to get familiar with the big kids computer lessons ( and print out weekly plans for each of them. That makes life a bit easier. We also have been doing amazing at keeping on a schedule and following it! :o) Averie is enjoying the computer time, Bay too. Bay really likes learning to read, he is so good at it too! He is on lesson 18 of 100. And reading short sentences! Love it. Today they choose to have free time in the morning and school after lunch. That is fine by me today because I have bills and church work to finish.

This coming weekend is big bucket (great wolf lodge!) for Colbie & Baylor. To celebrate their birthdays. Colbie is getting some of her gifts then too. B and K are joining us for an extra special surprise too. Pics to come next week. Hubby is on vacay all week next week too. Yessssssss!!!!

Off to be productive!!!

PS- pics in random order - D loving his fingers. Corn maze & pumpkin farm. Bay and his K book. Aves and her math.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

baylor is six

My BIG 6 year old boy!!!!
5 years
Birth - 4 years
How is it possible that we have a 6 year old boy??  WOW!  Bay, you have grown so much this year!  You are flying through kindergarten, loving it all and learning it all.  You love your workbooks and learning to read and write.  You love Legos, Playmobil, cars, trucks, bikes, outside time, digging in the dirt, building things with daddy, spending time with your sisters, and snuggling and holding your brother.  You are calm and sweet and sensitive, yet have tons of energy to burn!!!  We love you so much Baylor boy!!!  Keep being the sweet boy you are. XOXO

Monday, October 01, 2012

not a case of the mondays

It's been a wonderful day!! WONDERFUL!! Now, seriously, if you know how Monday usually goes, you know how happy I am for a smooth, fun, cooperative Monday! I could jump for joy!

We had a busy-high-energy weekend. The kids had fun at grandma and grandpa's house Saturday night. Hubby, D, & I had fun shopping and spending time together alone. It was oddly (but wonderfully) quiet at times. We loved every quiet moment. :o)

Today, organization is in full swing for me and our routine. Planning ahead is my favorite thing (along with organizing) but it is hard to do with 4 kids, one if them being extra feisty these days... Ok, so it's the feisty ones fault pretty much. She's on her own agenda. <3 her though. I'm sure she'll come out of this phase...

Alrighty, almost done with the weekly plan, Aves is quietly reading and has finished math, writing, states, and our special daddy project. Bay is writing and has finished his K book and reading. Next, more secret daddy projects while, I mean, Colbie naps. Happy Monday all!!!!!
Served Averie fresh milk for 1 year, 2 months and 5 days! Served Baylor fresh milk for 1 year, 6 months, 1 week and 5 days! Served Colbie fresh milk for 1 year, 3 months exactly!