Monday, October 01, 2012

not a case of the mondays

It's been a wonderful day!! WONDERFUL!! Now, seriously, if you know how Monday usually goes, you know how happy I am for a smooth, fun, cooperative Monday! I could jump for joy!

We had a busy-high-energy weekend. The kids had fun at grandma and grandpa's house Saturday night. Hubby, D, & I had fun shopping and spending time together alone. It was oddly (but wonderfully) quiet at times. We loved every quiet moment. :o)

Today, organization is in full swing for me and our routine. Planning ahead is my favorite thing (along with organizing) but it is hard to do with 4 kids, one if them being extra feisty these days... Ok, so it's the feisty ones fault pretty much. She's on her own agenda. <3 her though. I'm sure she'll come out of this phase...

Alrighty, almost done with the weekly plan, Aves is quietly reading and has finished math, writing, states, and our special daddy project. Bay is writing and has finished his K book and reading. Next, more secret daddy projects while, I mean, Colbie naps. Happy Monday all!!!!!

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Annie :) said...

love the schedule board!!! i am catching up opn all your posting!!! looks great!

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