Saturday, July 28, 2007


Here is the final catch up post I am going to do for now...actually after this one we are caught up! Baylor loves to feed himself now. He is eating about 60-70% table food and loves everything. He hasn't not wanted something yet! Green beans, peas, carrots, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, ham, noodles...I can't think of everything on the spot...but he is eating a lot of table food. And he is crazy with crawling and walking holding on to hands. He is so active and has to go go go!

What?! Is there something on my nose?

Silly Averie pics from Ann Arbor.

Bye bye for now!! More soon! AND GET WELL SOON MIMI!!! WE ARE THINKING OF YOU!


So, we hung out at a store I'd rather not mention during our attempt at camping.

Baylor and I having fun! We were literally in here for 2 hours and it stormed and poured the entire time. It was unbelievable. The lights flickered a few times and everything. It was like we drove into Indiana and there was the storm. After the unmentionable store we went to eat at Ruby Tues. ate (salad bar and broccoli cheese soup) and then it was only sprinkling so we drove into the park to attempt to walk along the beach (for Averie's sake) but it was $7 and we decided not to do that. So, with a quick stop at the GAP outlet we headed home. Our first attempt (and last this summer) to camp...uh well, not so great! But since Averie doesn't really know what camping really is...she was okay with it! Instead we headed the opposite direction Thursday to Maumee Bay State Park for the day...

Our little spot under the tree.
* * * * * * * * *
Grandma and Grandpa met us there.

Little ham holding the pole!

Miss ham holding the pole!

It is very pretty there on the beach!

So, all was not lost with our little vacation (the one and only one this year!). We definitely made the best of it. We cooked out at the beach and took a nice long walk and had a great time. Averie and Baylor loved the beach and swimming and Baylor really loved the sand. I didn't get any really great pics of that, but I'm sure we'll go back. It was a nice time! That afternoon as we headed home with two exhausted (and sleeping) kids in the car we decided to head up the Ann Arbor for dinner! So we did! We ate at the Mongolian yummy! And walked the town and had some fat free frozen yogurt at Ben and Jerry's! It turned into a nice couple of days even though we didn't get to camp! We'll try again next year I guess...


Fun bath time!


These are actually from the church picnic we had two weeks ago tomorrow. We went to another member of our church's cottage about a hour away and had a potluck and picnic and swam and took a boat ride. Baylor was not so excited about the life jacket...but the humming and bumpiness of the boat lulled him to sleepy land!!!

After we got back. He was absolutely crashed!

I even put him on the blanket and he stayed asleep!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Playing on the climber. Baylor loves the slide. Averie likes to climb.

Little girl climbing!

I had to bribe her with a marshmallow for this pic!

He won't put food into his mouth on his own yet, but he'll eat (try to anyways) grass. Dry, crunchy, hard, yucky grass...silly boy!

Averie was very happy to sit on the Bailey Boo. That is a smile on her face! She then started putting grass on Bailey's head. Bailey had enough after about 30 seconds.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Baylor's first experience with the wagon! He just chilled after a while of being pulled around by daddy! His hair blowing in the breeze in pic 4! So cute!

I love living in the country. It may not just be the country, but after a little rain shower the other day here is what the sky looked like! Looks like yummy cotton candy if you ask me! :o)

And here is the sun set from last night on my way home from the grocery store! I was much more beautiful in person, but you get the picture!

And of course the lovely cornfields! Sorry for the lack of Averie pics. She is so darn hard to photograph these days. So active and doesn't like to look at the camera! More later! Duty calls...

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Baylor signing his first sign! "All-done!" His own version of the sign, but he wasn't messing around! He was DONE eating! :o) He has done it pretty much at every meal since (he was also doing it before I figured it out too, I just didn't connect the sign with what he was doing until then)!

Baylor trying to eat his new kicks! I had to break down and buy him some "real" shoes because of how much he loves to stand. I can't picture myself letting him stand just anywhere (ie-Target's bathroom floor, the mall play area etc. you get the picture) barefoot. They are sooo adorable. His foot measures in at a whopping 1.5.

Well...the photo session...gone bad!!!
Here is the only pictures we would have liked to get at his picture session on Tuesday. However, these were all done at home...because of well...

the scary photographer, Baylor's mama syndrome and stranger anxiety and well, he was tired to boot (I planned it for a great time, he was just an early bird that morning)!

A couple of good ones (I did a little photo session at home, b/c we aren't going to reschedule and torture him again...and I really only need a couple of cute ones. Here are my two favs. The upset one with Daddy's and my hands is also a keeper. It is totally him when he is upset. The lip and all! The one of his fingers in mouth is totally what he did at the photography place.

A few penguins.

A line of cuties walking along! Ella, Taylor, Averie and Andrew!

Baylor chilling in the stroller!

Averie loving every minute with the goat!

Averie testing out the dog house!

We've had a super busy week so far! The mall on Monday, visitors on Tuesday and the zoo Wednesday. We are going to have a day with Grandma today too so, we'll be out and about again! More posts later...we hope you enjoyed these pics!

Thursday, July 05, 2007



4th of July Party!

Baylor enjoying the fireworks!

The fireworks

Averie playing at the 4th of July party! Last Year!


Baylor and his O's

Averie trying really hard to hold the little squirm worm known as Baylor.

At the park on the 4th! Silly girl!

Me and Baylor on the walking trail at the park.

Oh yea, he can pull himself up now!

The first time he did it on his own actually! He is such a biggie boy!

* * * * *

The check-up today went very well. Besides a little stranger anxiety (not surprised about that), he was great! He got weighed and measured and checked out. The Dr. said he is growing great and to get experimental with foods and try some different stuff like pasta and some actual table food. I am having a hard time remembering what I did with Averie at this age! I feel like Baylor all of the sudden grew up. He feels like he should still be 6 months old. So, I need to start giving him different foods and making them chunky and all that. I forget what that is like! But he is growing great, even though he is only 7th% for his weight, she said he is just fine. He is so mobile now that even though he is eating like a champ the activeness is playing in to that. His feedings are great: Breakfast-8am-nurses & eats 1/2-1 jar of fruit mixed in two tablespoons of cereal (with a little water). Lunch-12pm-nurses & eats 1 jar fruit and 1 jar veggies. Dinner-5:30pm-nurses & eats 1 jar veggies, 1/2-1 jar fruit mixed into 2 tablespoons cereal with a tad of water. Bedtime-8pm-nurses. So, I would say he is quite an eater! :o)

He has had a great milestone week this week too! He ate o's (broken up a little), waved twice (after watching Averie do it too), pulled to standing and crawled (officially). In no particular order! I really need to get busy documenting all of this. Besides the blog. I need to scrapbook this for his first birthday which is getting ever so close. Whatever happened to my baby boy...

Monday, July 02, 2007


Averie on the fire truck.

Baylor! Yes those are Converse on his feet!

Delaney visited for the weekend. We went to the park and to a ballgame!

Averie being silly at the ballgame!

Pic 1: Muddonna and Averie Pic 2: Daddy and Averie Pic 3: Averie and the mitt Pic 4: Chowing on cotton candy Pic 5: Sticky beard of cotton candy Pic 6: Delaney's sticky face Pic 7: Averie and Mama Pic 8: The sunset Pic 9: The sunset (both within minutes of each other from the parking garage above the stadium
Served Averie fresh milk for 1 year, 2 months and 5 days! Served Baylor fresh milk for 1 year, 6 months, 1 week and 5 days! Served Colbie fresh milk for 1 year, 3 months exactly!