Thursday, July 05, 2007


Baylor and his O's

Averie trying really hard to hold the little squirm worm known as Baylor.

At the park on the 4th! Silly girl!

Me and Baylor on the walking trail at the park.

Oh yea, he can pull himself up now!

The first time he did it on his own actually! He is such a biggie boy!

* * * * *

The check-up today went very well. Besides a little stranger anxiety (not surprised about that), he was great! He got weighed and measured and checked out. The Dr. said he is growing great and to get experimental with foods and try some different stuff like pasta and some actual table food. I am having a hard time remembering what I did with Averie at this age! I feel like Baylor all of the sudden grew up. He feels like he should still be 6 months old. So, I need to start giving him different foods and making them chunky and all that. I forget what that is like! But he is growing great, even though he is only 7th% for his weight, she said he is just fine. He is so mobile now that even though he is eating like a champ the activeness is playing in to that. His feedings are great: Breakfast-8am-nurses & eats 1/2-1 jar of fruit mixed in two tablespoons of cereal (with a little water). Lunch-12pm-nurses & eats 1 jar fruit and 1 jar veggies. Dinner-5:30pm-nurses & eats 1 jar veggies, 1/2-1 jar fruit mixed into 2 tablespoons cereal with a tad of water. Bedtime-8pm-nurses. So, I would say he is quite an eater! :o)

He has had a great milestone week this week too! He ate o's (broken up a little), waved twice (after watching Averie do it too), pulled to standing and crawled (officially). In no particular order! I really need to get busy documenting all of this. Besides the blog. I need to scrapbook this for his first birthday which is getting ever so close. Whatever happened to my baby boy...

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