Thursday, March 29, 2007


"Let me at it!"

"Oh yea! It's everything I've imagined!"


"Do I have something on my face?"

Sunday, March 25, 2007


We went outside yesterday in the mild weather! I was very nice out, just a little breezy! Here are a few fun pics I got!

Averie nursing her pine cone!

Baylor watching Averie very intently. He wanted to jump down and run over and play with her.

She was trying to see herself on the back of the camera.

Sweet little grin.

We've had a great weekend! Averie is doing awesome at potty training. The first day we had 4 accidents. She also peed on the potty 4 times. Day two, yesterday she only had one accident and it was just a little one. She also peed on the potty all day (wore a diaper for nap, which was pretty dry when she got up). She also did her #2 on the potty. We are having "special treats" when she says dry and clean (after she pees too!). Her special treats are M&M minis. It is handy b/c they come in that tube which is nice and portable. We also were able to take a short trip to Kroger and play outside yesterday evening...all with underwear on! I am crossing my fingers that she is getting it! Most of the time I put her on and ask her to put her pee in the potty she can release it on command. Like 95% of the time yesterday it was like that. So...she is on her way! I knew she was ready, we just had to commit to doing it. So, more updates later. We are going to church today, so lets hope (and pray) that she can make it. I am going to conveniently forget the water she likes to suck down during church. And bring a new coloring book or something instead. It seems crazy that I might only have one baby in diapers! And exciting!

Baylor is also doing well with his new milestone (sleeping 12 hours with no nursing). I on the other hand am a TAD uncomfortable...I pumped the last two days and got 5 oz. out of one side both days! Today I didn't wake up til 730 and didn't want to pump since he is going to eat in a bit. Speaking of, he is talking in there. That is good b/c he woke up crying yesterday and was kinda sleepy and needy most of the day. Which is not his usual self. We will see how he is today. Hopefully he was just tired yesterday and not getting sick. He does have a little runny nose, so that could be the culprit. Well, I'll be going now. We will hopefully enjoy the day today! It is supposed to be a nice one! :o)

Friday, March 23, 2007


Play time under the butterfly!

SURPRISED!!! Playing in the saucer.

Averie "going to the store!" As she calls it. Love the shoes!

Up close!

* * * * *
We are just having so much fun these days! We are playing and enjoying each other. Both Averie and Baylor are happy and content most of the day! Averie has a little cough and runny nose. She is also teething again; however, she is handling it so well! Her naps are a little shaky this week. She'll go in there at about 115pm and not be sleeping til after 3 some days. I try not to go in there and remind her what she is supposed to be doing, but sometimes that is all that it takes to get her to relax. She'll lay in there and talk for an hour or more. I think her teeth are bothering her a bit, b/c yesterday I peeked in on her and she was biting her crib bar! And all she wants to do these days is chew (on pacifiers, bottle nipples and Baylor's toys). And no one in this house uses a paci or bottle!!!! Silly girl!

Baylor on the opposite hand is great at falling asleep! He naps regularly at 10am (give or take 15 minutes either way) until 1215pm. And again at about 2pm and sleeps til about 4pm. Last night for the first night he didn't have a feeding at 1030pm (right before we go to bed). He hasn't been waking up then and the feeding before that has backed up to right before bed, so I just let him sleep all the way through and he didn't even make a peep til 730/745 this morning! So, I will safely say he doesn't need that little top off. So, as of now, he eats at 8am (give or take 15 min.), 12pm, 4pm and 745pm. And he is down for the night! This morning I pumped at 6am b/c I was leaking all over. I got 5 oz. out of one side alone! Can you say MILK BAR! I will also need the extra milk to mix with his cereal which we are starting next week. He will be 6 months and Matt is on vacation, so that will be the best week to focus on cereal and getting a routine established with that! So, that is the latest news with us. The floors are also coming along. I will post some pics of that here!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


We went to the mall on Monday to relax and have a little fun! Here's Baylor just chilling in the stroller!

Here is Averie putting money in the water! :o)

Action shot!

Hanging on the wall in the "toys."

I figured out how to connect Baylor's car seat securely to the double stroller! No more interrupted naps transferring him to the double stroller!!! Yea!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Cruising in style!

Wide eyed Baylor!

"I see you looking at my arm!" Don't worry it looks worse than it was. It wasn't even stuck, he just put it there. That is the corner he sleeps in too. He is 75% of the time tucked up there. There are little dark brown hairs all over up there too from him. It's kinda funny!

Playing outside a few days ago. Averie has learned to ride her "car" pretty well these days!
We can't wait for more 70 degree days!

Get that cat!!!

She wanted to stand on the sun!

The week has been pretty crazy. We have been playing in Averie's new kitchen a lot, had dinner with our friend Ashley Tuesday, had a St. Patty's Day gathering...see below and now it's Friday! We'll be hanging out elsewhere Saturday (the mall and my mom's) since the dining room floors are being done! Yea! More updates on that to come!

The clan! The clan last year at Easter time. When I wrote that just now, I didn't know I called them the clan last year too!

Baylor and Emma!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Averie and her balloons this morning! The big 2 year old!!!!!

Averie~I love you big girl! You are so big. You are talking and running all over the place and feeding yourself and just growing up so fast! I think next year you will turn 10 because time is flying so fast. You are a great big sister to Baylor. He just watches you play and run around and dance and loves you so much. You love him so much too. I am so happy to be your mama and be able to spend every day playing with you and guiding you be a happy, polite and sweet young lady! :o)

Her birthday gift from mama, daddy and Baylor!
She is cooking and cutting watermelon and making and pouring coffee. She is a "mama" in the making!

* We got her the kitchen, some play food, fruit, a coffee maker and a toaster! We also go her the Twilight Turtle. She got two balloons which we didn't get into her room before she woke up because she was up talking at 6:50am! Good thing for the time change in a few hours! Now she'll sleep til almost 8am and Baylor will sleep til 9am. Well, he won't because I won't let him, but anyways...

Taking a breath to blow out that big birthday candle!
We had a Chuck E. Cheese party! You were great! You had a blast sliding and riding the rides and eating cake and pizza! You even met Chuck E. himself! We sang to you and you blew out your candle very well! Your family was there: Grandma, Grandpa S. and M., Aunt Mandy, Uncle Todd and Maddie and Max, Uncle Brad and Jennifer, cousin Isaac and Uncle Dave, Aunt Gail and Uncle Jim, GG, Aunt Shannon and Aunt Shawna, Delaney, Jayde & Jett, Brandon and Annie, MiMi, Taylor, Ella and Emma. I think I got everyone!

And here is Buddy Boy with his A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E hat on. I don't care what anyone thinks. You look so cute in this hat, Baylor!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007


Jett's first day with us!

Having a good time!

oooo and ahhhh! :o)


I just checked on Baylor (naptime) and he is sleeping on his belly. Silly, silly boy.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Banana blue & jelly bean! Click
here for BABYLEGS 1!

Brother & sister!


Some things so I don't forget:
Baylor has been putting his hands together and raising them above his head during play time. He has also had several instances of stranger anxiety lately. Baylor is soooo close to rolling over. Averie had a swimming refresher course and did exceptionally well. Swim-float-swim starts in April. Averie is sitting at the table without her tray now. :o) I have an almost two year old and almost 5 month old. WOW!
Served Averie fresh milk for 1 year, 2 months and 5 days! Served Baylor fresh milk for 1 year, 6 months, 1 week and 5 days! Served Colbie fresh milk for 1 year, 3 months exactly!