Saturday, May 17, 2008


Playing at the park (I haven't loaded the pics of our new swing set yet).

Mother's Day shirts made by daddy.

We've been pretty busy these last several days. We've been working very diligently on the back yard- deck, swing set, landscaping, etc. It is coming together, it is so time consuming to do all of it at once. It feels like it is going slow, but it is actually going fast with a new deck, swing set & the start of mulch already done (those are the big things, out of the way). I picked up the tire mulch and have been getting that down, and really brainstorming about the plants I want to get. If anyone knows anything about plants, please let me know. I have no experience with plants and what will be low maintenance, yet come back next year!

As for the kids, they are great. They are so happy to have their swing set up and running. Averie already figured out how to pump the swing! Without any help. And Baylor looks so little going up and down the rock wall and slide. He just smiles from ear to ear the entire time we are outside! We still need to get the sand in the sand box, and spread more mulch around, but it is coming along! I hope to have that whole area "done" and wrapped up by the middle of June. That really isn't too far away! Here are some pics. Gotta go get the kids up and moving!

Sunday, May 11, 2008





I was seriously spoiled this Mother's Day-
Two "stamped/engraved" sterling silver rings with Averie and Baylor's names on them (I'll post a pic when I get them, Daddy didn't know my size)
I got a digital picture holder for my key chain (it holds 50 pics).
An iPod (I've been jogging and listening to Daddy's iPod songs, which I don't really care for)
French Toast, oatmeal and a Frappuccino
And a card, made with the pics you see above, and the kids have homemade T-shirts on, I'll snap a pic of those later, so cute! I AM SO SPOILED!!! :o)

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Happy 19 Months Big Boy!

What you've been up to lately:
-Putting two words together ~ Veggie Rice, Daddy Toot, Juice Water.
-Loving on your blanket and Averie's manatee, along with Bob and Octy.
-Going to the ER (1am this morning - after driving home 2.5 hours from Grandma and Grandpa's) for your Nurse Maid's Elbow (pulled elbow). Long story...very tired...will post details on that later!
-You are very loving and smart and you certainly know it. You are very obsessed with climbing these days too. You can climb on our dining table chairs now (1st time this week). And they are even bar little monkey!
-We love you sweet boy. You keep us on our toes, we love you for it! And love watching you grow.

So, now it is Monday morning! We have all seemed to recover from everything that occurred this weekend! To summarize, we went to visit Grandma Judy (Gpa Bill too) for her surprise May day (Bday) celebration 2.5 hours southeast of us. We made it for the party (very nice party), had a good time entertaining the kids (it was nap time, could have been disastrous), ate lunch, chatted. After lunch we were walking back to the car and I found out my mom was sick, but feeling better so we were requested not to change our plans (I had plans to visit Rece and Carmine after the family weekend). After a little freshening up we went back to Gma and Gpa's for some family pictures (that was actually fun!) which went great despite the possibility that all children would have meltdowns due to lack of afternoon one did! I am currently waiting for our cd and will post the family pic when we get the cd! After pictures the kids played, we saw a rainbow (see pics below), had dinner and were getting ready for bed when Averie, playfully-yet hard for a 3 yr old, pulled on Baylor's arm while he was laying on the floor...instant tears...instant catering to the arm. I knew what had just happened (it happened before to us a month or so ago when I pulled his arm down and around under the water to wash his hands in the sink at Target like Averie, I pulled it firmly but not so hard that I would have thought it would be pulled out...I felt so guilty, we did the whole er trip then there and he must have somehow put it back in last time because just before we signed in at the er he raised his arm up and pointed to the clock on the wall...we were stunned and happy, we looked him over and left)! This time though we drove home at bed time...2.5 hours...called my dad, he stayed with Averie (sleeping of course) we took Baylor to the er, we were one of only 5 people there...the Dr. was so good, he explained that this is so common, it's not a big deal...obviously Baylor is prone to this happening so we are more aware not to pull his arm even a little bit...but he put it back in once and it didn't quite make things better, so the Dr. did it again about 10 minutes later and it "popped" back in place the second time and within 3 minutes Baylor was giving high fives, moving it and it was TOTALLY normal. Whew, relief. So, we packed up got the paper work and went home...finally we were all asleep by about 3am! The Dr. showed us how to put the arm back in place if it happens again. The whole er experience was "good"-for an er experience...we didn't really have to wait at all and everyone was so nice and patient and really knew what they were doing. So, now Daddy is on vacation and is building a deck. My mom is feeling better and getting the tests she needs and will hopefully be back to "normal" this week. Now we're on to the projects!! Oh yea, and my Brother bought a house Friday too! Busy weekend...hopefully things calm down this week and we can just enjoy it! Here are the pics from the weekend!

Both taken at Gma Judy's party...Baylor hanging out over the vent!

Averie being silly...she is good at dramatic facial expressions

The rainbow-it was much more vibrant than my camera leads you to believe

TA-DA!! Averie liked seeing the rainbow, it was her first!
Served Averie fresh milk for 1 year, 2 months and 5 days! Served Baylor fresh milk for 1 year, 6 months, 1 week and 5 days! Served Colbie fresh milk for 1 year, 3 months exactly!