Saturday, May 17, 2008


Playing at the park (I haven't loaded the pics of our new swing set yet).

Mother's Day shirts made by daddy.

We've been pretty busy these last several days. We've been working very diligently on the back yard- deck, swing set, landscaping, etc. It is coming together, it is so time consuming to do all of it at once. It feels like it is going slow, but it is actually going fast with a new deck, swing set & the start of mulch already done (those are the big things, out of the way). I picked up the tire mulch and have been getting that down, and really brainstorming about the plants I want to get. If anyone knows anything about plants, please let me know. I have no experience with plants and what will be low maintenance, yet come back next year!

As for the kids, they are great. They are so happy to have their swing set up and running. Averie already figured out how to pump the swing! Without any help. And Baylor looks so little going up and down the rock wall and slide. He just smiles from ear to ear the entire time we are outside! We still need to get the sand in the sand box, and spread more mulch around, but it is coming along! I hope to have that whole area "done" and wrapped up by the middle of June. That really isn't too far away! Here are some pics. Gotta go get the kids up and moving!


kim said...

hostas are great hardy plants, require little maintenance and get better year after year

Anonymous said...

Hey I second what Kim said AND if you want brother has like 100 in his yard that he is going to dig up and get rid of. All you have to do is bring some bags and put them in bags. They are very easy to transplant and we have already gotten quite a few for our yard. xoxo

annie said...

i drove by the other day and from what i can see the yard looked fantastic!!! you have been working hard over there! just a word of caution, on really hot days that tire mulch can actually melt to the bottom of shoes...they had that where i used to work, so just be sure to check the shoes before going in side, those stains would not be fun!!

can't wait to come play this summer!! give me a call :) my swim suit is ready!

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