Monday, April 30, 2007


Averie pretending to sleep with her new baby Bella.

How Averie fell asleep on Thursday for her nap. I had to snap a pic of it.

Cool dude Baylor in his new shades! :o) I also got him some lobster swimming trunks. They are so cute! I can't wait to open the pool and swim with the kids this year! Averie is now begging to go see Miss Cindy (swimming lessons) before lessons. She is going to love being able to swim in our pool! I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Playing on the blanket!

Carmine and Baylor just hanging out!

Playing at the mall.

Watering the grass and rocks or yourself, if you're Rece!

Everyone had a great time this weekend! It went way too fast! Averie's been talking about Rece ever since! I also think things went great. We will have to come your way soon for a relaxing weekend. Tony, we hope you want to come back since twice now you've run out of water...

We hope Rece is feeling good and everyone's back into routine! We're getting there! :o)


A fun sunny day at the park (last Friday)!

Swing time! Baylor really didn't swing, I just sat him in there for the pic and to help get Averie in and out of the swing.

Sweet boy!

"Hi mama! Why am I sitting at the end of the slide?"

Baylor and Jett hamming it up for the camera! With their pilot caps on! So cute!

We had a great time at the park! We will definitely be doing this again! Everyone was so good and everyone had a great time! Jett slept most of the time b/c it was his nap time. Baylor just hung out with me and Averie ran around and played! We can wait til the rain is gone and we can go back again! :o)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Baylor is doing great with cereal and a cup! He loves drinking out of it and holding it! He doesn't know how to tip it up to get the goods by himself yet, but he'll figure it out soon I'm sure. He is having cereal in the morning between nursing. And yesterday I gave him a little cereal with his cup of milk at dinnertime. And he loved it and was happy all evening. He didn't even take a 3rd nap! So, we'll keep doing that for another few days and eventually add food to his lunch (he only nurses at lunch now) along with cereal eventually too! Yea! And he is down to only two breathing treatments a day now and really doesn't need them...I think they just help take the edge off his cough. Which is getting better by the day! :o) Yay!


Reaching the bar!

So, we did get to change times for our lessons and it is going much smoother! Jett sleeps the entire time we are gone and eats when we get home and Baylor stays home (with grandpa or daddy) and has his nap. Averie is learning the swimming part of the sequence and will be soon swimming-floating (resting)-swimming to get to the bar. We will also be putting a bar in our pool this summer for her. I did put a video on the computer and will link it on the side as soon as I figure out how and have more than a moment to do it! So, there you go! She is also feeling much better and only has a slight runny nose and a little remaining cough. But she isn't miserable like she was earlier in the week and over the weekend!

Monday, April 16, 2007


This has to be quick. It has been a crazy day! We're still fighting two breathing treatments, Averie has a little diarrhea, swimming lessons, Jett and it is just crazy! Today was Averie's first swimming lesson since last year (besides her two refreshers) and it went well. The only problem was the time. We got bumped around and had to go at 11, so when we got home (it was 1215) Baylor was ready to eat, Averie was ready to eat and Jett wanted to get out of his seat and play! So, needless to say I was crazy multitasking until they were all napping at 2. It was no fun. They were all crying at one point or another. So, we are trying to change the time for lessons up to ten, so Baylor is still sleeping when we get home, Jett is sleeping while we are gone and Averie can come home and have room time and relax before lunch! And I can actually have time to make lunch!! I'll try to remember my camera tomorrow and try to take video too! So, cross your fingers that we can switch the time or we may not being doing lessons until May. Still before the pool is open and we are swimming all the time. So, okay gotta run. More later!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Not that I should be complaining, but today has been soooo boring (plus Matt's working this weekend and has worked extra all week. Like 67 hours between Monday-Sunday)! I should just be able to relax. With the kids snotty and coughing...I am having a hard time deciding whether or not to go to the mall or Target. I want to...but I don't! I have a long list of things all written down and everything we need too. Time will tell if we decide to go. Today, we have gotten up (a tad late), ate breakfast. I let Averie watch JoJo on tv (I never put the tv on for her, so you know I'm bored). The kids took baths (it was bath night last night and we skipped, so they were due for a bath anyways), I trimmed Baylor's hair (see the pics). Averie and I read...and now we're just sitting around being goofy (see pics again). I am trying not to spend too much time online b/c then I am forced to buy stuff (I have a shopping cart full at But I am also trying really hard not to eat everything in the house. It hasn't been that hard...but I eat when I am bored and I am getting hungry. Baylor is napping, Averie is "shopping." I think maybe I could start making lunch. It is 11:45am. I could take down the Easter stuff. And if I really was desperate to do something I could work out. Maybe later. Blah, blah, blah. OK, well I also could scrapbook. And mail out the kids pictures to the family. So many things I could do...we'll see what I actually do later.

Well, the Dr. appt. went okay. Averie was a basket case the whole time. She knew it wasn't a fun place to be (even though she didn't get shots). But everyone is doing good. They are growing very well! Baylor is under what Averie was at 6 months by almost a #. And he is back on cereal again. We are taking it very slow this time (not that we didn't last time, but even slower). He is only having it for breakfast for about a week. Then breakfast and dinner if he does good. And that will leave lunch to introduce the orange veggies. Maybe in a week or so. He goes back and has his shots on the 26th of this month. And gets a recheck on his breathing. He has been worlds better. And Averie on the other hand is all snotty and coughing and miserable. She is still acting, sleeping and eating hopefully she won't need the breathing treatments...but we'll see. She woke up pretty unhappy this morning. One good thing about her being sick is that she goes to sleep without chatting to herself for 45 minutes. I am sure she doesn't want to be in there talking with a dripping nose so she just gets right down to business and sleeps. That has been good. Plus she also needs the extra rest! So, that's the story of the Dr. appts. They are healthy and the Dr. told Matt and I that we make great babies! You know, I'll have to agree with that one! :o) Hope you all have a fun and non-boring weekend! I am sure I'll be back later. Whatever am I going to do during their naps later...

Friday, April 13, 2007


My new favorite Babylegs!

Baylor and the balloon string!

He loves his balloon!

Breathing treatment time!

Monday, April 09, 2007


The massive egg at church! We went to church for breakfast and an Easter egg hunt and church on Sunday! It was a fun time! Averie really enjoyed herself and it is just a special tradition we do! I remember going as a child even!

Baylor digging in to his goodies!

Lil' bunny Baylor!

Averie digging in to Baylor's basket!

The family on Easter!

Friday, April 06, 2007


6 MONTHS!!!!

He was rolling around naked on the couch and footrest. He loved every moment of it! I will post more about Baylor being 6 months later. I hear him walking up and we have to get moving now...we're going shopping! :o) Until then, enjoy the pics!

Shopping was a little productive. We found adorable pink and white Nike sandals for Averie. They will get a lot of use. And many picture frames. This time if won't take us until the next photo session (3 months) to go buy frames. I think I have all that I will be able to fit on the hallway walls purchased! We get the Sears pics back Monday! Yea!

So, my little buddy boy! You are growing so fast...and time is going so fast. I can hardly believe you are six months! That is not right! You are getting so big and are so happy almost all of the time. You love rolling around and grabbing things for sure. You reach everything. And mostly with your left hand. So, we quite possibly have a lefty on our hands! You also have little things you do that are so funny and cute. You always suck on your left first two fingers...and at bed time you suck on those two fingers and sink your right fist back into your pj sleeve. I guess to keep it warm. Many mornings we wake up and find your entire right arm bent in half in your sleeve. It is pretty cute! You also wake up happy every morning! You sleep snuggled in the top left corner of your bed on your belly. And if you aren't able to get to your belly you turn your head to the side and put your face close to your bumper. You love to snuggle your bumper. You also really love mama singing to you. It can calm you down in the car, while you're fussing during awake time...or just anytime really. I really enjoy being able to do that for you. Your favorite toys right now are your beads, your blanket toy with the rubber (textured) corners and the monkeys Averie used to love! You loved eating cereal all for about a week, and we will hopefully try again soon! You still love chewing on the spoons. You also really love having your gums brushed. A lot. You reach and grab and lean to get it every night before bed! You love smiling at your sister and you really love it when she talks and pays attention to you! You are a very happy boy and we are so lucky to have you! We love you so much, Baylor! Happy 6 months!


Averie admiring the eggs!

We're about to color some eggs!

Spin, egg, spin!


We created some very beautiful eggs! We bought an egg spinner. Only $5.99 at your local Kroger store and spun about 15 eggs! Averie was very interested in picking up the eggs and moving them around and liked to put them in the spinner. She wasn't quite strong enough to keep them spinning, but she liked it anyways! :o) It was fun. We will post some more Easter pics after Sunday. We are actually having Easter dinner here at our house, so it will be fun and festive around here! :o)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Averie sitting just below the tiger!!! ROOOAAARRR!!

Jayde, Averie and their new friends!

Baylor and Jett...just hanging out at the playground.

Baylor, Averie and I at the playground (at the zoo).

So, Averie was upset about the animals. She started crying in the elephant area and didn't really stop until we ended up at the play area. She cried everytime we went into a building (even to use the bathroom). Hopefully next time we go the one on one will help. Matt stayed home and worked on the floors, so it was me and the kids along with Shawna, Jayde and Jett. We did all together enjoy the time there. We will be going back many many times this summer, so Averie, I hope you adjust!! :o) She did do okay with the tigers, penguins and sloth bear (we went there first and they were outside). It was baby Louie and his mama that through her off I guess (they were indoors and it was smelly).

Monday, April 02, 2007


We are in a little rut today. Baylor isn't feeling well, he pooped 4 times before 9am. He also spit up numerous times. I've also noticed how fussy he has become in the last week or two. I have decided to stop the cereal for a couple of days to see if that is the culprit. I know it is a long shot...but kids do have an intolerance for rice. I am going to nurse him an extra time and see what happens. Maybe we'll try homemade carrots or sweet potatoes next week (after his Dr. appt.). And go from there. I'd hate not to be able to give him cereal, but if he can't handle it...I won't make him suffer.

Averie on the other hand is potty trained. 85% during nap time too! She it just doing great! More updates later. I have to get some stuff done now that they are both napping!

All the updated pics are still on the camera so I will post those later!
Served Averie fresh milk for 1 year, 2 months and 5 days! Served Baylor fresh milk for 1 year, 6 months, 1 week and 5 days! Served Colbie fresh milk for 1 year, 3 months exactly!