Thursday, April 19, 2007


Baylor is doing great with cereal and a cup! He loves drinking out of it and holding it! He doesn't know how to tip it up to get the goods by himself yet, but he'll figure it out soon I'm sure. He is having cereal in the morning between nursing. And yesterday I gave him a little cereal with his cup of milk at dinnertime. And he loved it and was happy all evening. He didn't even take a 3rd nap! So, we'll keep doing that for another few days and eventually add food to his lunch (he only nurses at lunch now) along with cereal eventually too! Yea! And he is down to only two breathing treatments a day now and really doesn't need them...I think they just help take the edge off his cough. Which is getting better by the day! :o) Yay!

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Michelle said...

way to go baylor with your cup! you're getting so big. it looks like you're becoming quite a swimmer averie. you will be all over your pool this summer. I bet it makes mommmy feel more comfortable too knowing that you are safe near water.
Miss you all!


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