Monday, April 02, 2007


We are in a little rut today. Baylor isn't feeling well, he pooped 4 times before 9am. He also spit up numerous times. I've also noticed how fussy he has become in the last week or two. I have decided to stop the cereal for a couple of days to see if that is the culprit. I know it is a long shot...but kids do have an intolerance for rice. I am going to nurse him an extra time and see what happens. Maybe we'll try homemade carrots or sweet potatoes next week (after his Dr. appt.). And go from there. I'd hate not to be able to give him cereal, but if he can't handle it...I won't make him suffer.

Averie on the other hand is potty trained. 85% during nap time too! She it just doing great! More updates later. I have to get some stuff done now that they are both napping!

All the updated pics are still on the camera so I will post those later!

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Michelle said...

poor baylor boy! i hope that he feels better. sorry for you about all the pooping. i remember those times. great job averie! how nice to buy less diapers! can't wait to see pics.

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