Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Here is our living room on Christmas morning after Averie was done with presents. Baylor got tired and had to take a nap so there were still a few gifts left unopened until he was up...but remember this from last year? Ha ha, not too bad this year when you look at that pic!

Well, we had a busy couple of days...Christmas Eve was filled with excitement (see pic below) as Averie waiting patiently to open gifts! We ate at my mom and dad's then went to church, after church we had dessert and opened gifts. We didn't get Averie and Baylor home and into bed until after 10pm! Averie slept in Christmas morning until 8:30am and we opened our presents! She got many things, her favs: a Santa shaped bar of soap, a bottle of banana foam soap, the ice scraper Matt got me and her popper (the good old pop corn popper you push around) from daddy! Baylor got a vest (cream colored and soft), some clothes, music toys and a few things for when he gets a little bigger. Christmas morning, after gifts we had my parents and brother over for homemade cinnamon rolls and egg, cheese and bacon squares and then went to G.G.'s for lunch! See more pics below! We all ate well, Averie decided she liked sweet potatoes...and are now recovering today with long naps (for them, not me...). I have a house that needs to be reorganized and we have another Christmas tomorrow with Matt's brother, sister-in-law and kids...and I am in a wedding on Saturday for my friend Jenny (we've known each other all our lives). So, craziness until 2007! Here are some more pics... hope you had a good Christmas!

At Grandma and Grandpa's just waiting to open gifts...

Pic 1: Christmas with Travis, Shawna, Jayde, Jett, Shannon and Delaney (Me, Averie, Jayde, Paula, Jett and a little bit of Delaney). Opening gifts. Pic 2: Me, Baylor, Shawna and Jett. Pic 3: Matt, Baylor, Delaney, Jett and Shannon relaxing on the couch. Pic 4: At Grandma and Grandpa's after church on Christmas Eve. Pic 5: Averie opening gifts Christmas Eve. Pic 6: Baylor, me and Averie on Christmas morning! Pic 7: Averie opening gifts from Santa! Pic 8: Daddy helping Averie open her cell phone. Pic 9: Daddy, me, Averie and Baylor opening gifts at G.G.'s on Christmas day. Averie got a farm animal puzzle we are playing with!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Averie and Baylor having a moment! She wanted to sit with him on the chair, so I took the opportunity to capture a picture. Who knew they would both smile! :o) I will be framing this one!

Here is Averie with the mall Santa today! I wasn't sure we were going to see him, but we only had two people in front of us in line and the one got scared. So, it only took a minute. Averie was so cute...as she was standing in front of him, she looked back at me and gave a little smirk and said "mama?" Almost like she was going to turn around, but I took her hand and she walked over to him and sat in his lap so happily. He told her what a nice little girl she was and how she looked so nice today in her pink boots and all. She just sat there while I took video on my camera and several pictures. It was precious! We'll see how she does next year!

Also, while we were at the mall today, I was walking along (Averie on my back and Baylor in the stroller) and strolled by a baby in a stroller. There were people around the baby, but no one seemed to be with the baby. I kept walking thinking I should turn around because it seemed strange. Sure enough, I turned around and there was another lady there looking around...and no parents. The baby was no more than 6 months...just smiling away! I looked in the Foot Locker and the other lady looked in another store...no one seemed to be missing anything or anyone. So, the lady in the little watch kiosk that was right there called security. I waited for about 5-7 minutes with the lady until security from the mall came down and took the baby up to the offices. It was so strange...I keep thinking about it and wonder what happened. There was a blanket, toy and a child size coat with the baby, but no diaper bag or bottle. I hope everything turns out okay for that little baby. I keep wanting to call the mall and find out. Maybe it will be on the news or in the paper. I'll keep my eye out.

Here we are at our town's little version of the lights! I didn't get any good pictures of them, but it is a little walking path with snowflakes, snowmen and characters lit up all around. The pathway is also lit up all the way around! It is neat...and since it was like 50 degrees the other night we walked around! It was fun! ONLY FIVE DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS! :o)

Monday, December 18, 2006


A big kiss for a BIG bear...

Baylor, Grandpa, Averie and Grandma just hanging out!

Baylor and the big bear!!

We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa...we celebrated Christmas, had family time and went out to dinner! Averie got a baby and stroller and a cute Pooh book! She is always pushing it around, with or without a baby! Baylor got a toy bar for the stroller, onsies, socks, a book and a Michigan bib! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for everything!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Jett Owen~born to Shawna and Travis (Shawna takes my pregnancy pics) and big sister Jayde! He looks big in this picture, but isn't at all. He was born 7#8oz. 20.5inches long on Thursday morning, December 7th! He is so small and cute! CONGRATULATIONS to the new family!

Just hanging out at home! Well, I only have a couple of minutes so I thought I'd give everyone an update! Things are going very well these days with us! Baylor is getting so big and mature and I don't know what to do about it! He is cooing and talking and gurgling and smiling all the time! He also loves to look at things. He has a black and white book of animals (it was Averie's) that we looked at for about 10 minutes last night. He also loves to look around whether he is just laying on the footrest to the couch or being held upright. He has so be able to check things out! It is just nuts that I have an almost 10 week old. I remember when I was 10 weeks to delivering. It just goes SO fast. Even faster the second time. I remember just waiting week after week for Averie to smile...and it's like bam, Baylor came out smiling! But, anyways, enough blabbing, he is doing really great!

Averie is just becoming little miss maturity! She is talking all the time, mostly in two word sentences and is copying everything anyone wants her to or doesn't actually! She loves reading books these days and has almost all of her molars all the way through. Man they have taken forever, and made her and I miserable at times! She is really into Christmas stuff, the tree and angels on the tree. I can't wait for it to snow for her. She is going to absolutely love it! She knows what a snowman is from books and always wants to make one...so hopefully we get some snow soon! Lots of it! We were outside today picking up roof shingles and pinecones and rocks. It was a good time!

Well, we'll be pretty busy from now until Christmas and the New Year, so pics may be few and far between. We'll have some good ones Christmas morning for sure, but other than that...our plans are going to be crazy! We are playing with Emma, Ella and Tail (as Averie calls Taylor) tomorrow...Grandma Judy and Grandpa Bill's for Christmas this Thursday through Saturday...then it is the week before Christmas and I don't even have my cards made...yea, not good...oh well, tis the season for chaos! We love it!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006



Ragamuffin...she has a thing with taking out her hair things lately.

She loves the stars (go figure) and bells.
Okay, so here is a picture, not posted the way I want it to, but the 2nd best way. AHH. I think this blog has a mind of its own.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

OK, so I am unable to post either way now, anyone having the same trouble? I am going bonkers trying to figure this out. More than bonkers, I am about ready to throw my computer out the window.

Monday, November 27, 2006



I wish I could take away the red eyes for you!

Happy Family! :o)
* * * * *
What do you do when Averie is crying in her crib, the furnace guy is here and Baylor is hungry and about to cry? Let me know if you figure it out in the next 30 seconds! AHHH...

This is how Averie felt during the weekend spent with Rece. Don't worry, she is coming down with something. It wasn't just Rece. She has been crying and needy all day today. That final molar is taking it's sweet old time, and she has a runny nose and cough. Rece, I hope you are feeling better!

Still cannot post the normal way, here are some unedited pics from the weekend and Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 20, 2006


And Averie and her mittens, hat and star coat!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Aren't these the cutest little undies you've ever seen? And on the cutest little lady you've ever seen?

Right before see peed on the floor. The undies didn't do the best of job absorbing it either...oh well, that's how they learn. :o) Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 10, 2006


Sober girl...

Smiling girl...

Big Sister...
* * * * * * * * * * * *


Leaves, glorious leaves! Averie has a new favorite thing to do...play in leaves. She was outside (we all were) last evening playing in them...for a good 30 minutes or so, until we made her come in for dinner (it was dark out when they came in finally). Daddy took some of these great pics of her. And then again this morning for at least 45 minutes. They had to come in once to warm up because it was 45 degrees out and she wanted to keep playing. So the warmed up and then went back out until lunch time! Crazy kid! She loves the leaves. We'll have to keep moving them around the yard to they don't kill the grass! Anyways, it is good to be 20 months...Averie has just recently started saying alot of two words sentences. She also says more and no instead of signing, which is good and bad. Everything gets a no at first it seems. Well, the boy is paging me...I hope you enjoy these pics!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Just hanging out with Mama! He had a bath today so his hair is fresh and tall!

A little happy face!

Tummy Time! He pretty much hates it so far. But he is so strong! His little legs and feet come off of the floor to balance out him lifting his head! It is so amazing how strong he is!

His bath today was in the big tub! I have just not been able to make myself put him in that plastic tub. It looks like it is hurting his "boy" parts (even though Daddy says it isn't) and I can't really wash his back or booty in the little tub, or use both hands to wash him. So, we were only giving him sponge baths (he did have two baby tub baths...) until I had the idea to just put him in the big tub. It was so much easier! I layed him on a towel (I need to get one of those baby body sponges) he did cry but stopped crying when I poured the water on his body! Which actually calmed him down. I think we are going to be doing baths this way from now on! I also think in time he'll like them, Averie did! :o)

The baptism went very well. L-R: Godmother-Shannon, Daddy, Baylor, Mama, Averie, Godfather-Uncle Brad, Pastor.

A sleeping little boy.

The Family standing in front of the "bubbles." As Averie puts it!

Little stinker...

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Here is my beautiful bundle at 4 weeks old. Time flies.

Just checking things out! Thanks Marla for the adorable shirt. It is so true.

Baylor is doing so well! He is happy most of the time when he is not sleeping/eating (he is always happy when he is eating and of course sleeping). He just pretty much hangs out! Which is good because his sister is quite busy and active and time consuming as she should be at almost 20 months! Juggling two is quite different, but the same at the same time! We just try to stay ahead of things. Example...if Baylor needs to eat the same time Averie eats lunch (he still isn't on an exact schedule...predictable but not yet the same each day...) we just plan Averie's lunch ahead of time. I make it when she is busy playing and occupied and when he is either napping or hanging out in his bouncer or pack n play. It has worked quite well. The only day so far that has been challenging was the day after trick or treating. Averie went to bed at about 9:15pm the night of trick or treating and woke up at a normal time and was cranky by 9:30 am...as to say she was not exactly happy when I decided to feed Baylor at 10 am...but I have successfully mastered the art of holding her while nursing him... but anyways...planning ahead of time works because then when it is time for Averie to eat her lunch (around 11:45am...it is ready to go. It might need a little warming or what not...but all in all she is good to go. I also have everything pretty much cleaned up by then too. So, I am not digging myself a hole of dirty dishes in the kitchen! That is another thing that is still going good. Also, Averie has been having "blanket time" every day after lunch. She sits on a blanket on the floor and we turn on music and I give her 4 or 5 toys to play with and she sits there and plays by herself. It gives me a half an hour to clean up the kitchen after lunch, feed Baylor or whatever. She likes it and calls it La La's (as in music). But for now Baylor and Averie are doing qutie well together. I do not look forward to the day they gang up on me!

Baylor had his check-up today. It went well. He is 9 lbs. 14oz. and 22 inches. He is just a tad under where Averie was at her one month check-up. She was 10 lbs. .03 oz. and 22.5 inches. So, just because he was born a tad bigger does not mean he is going to be huge! We'll see though, I imagine he'll catch up sooner or later! But the Dr. said he looks good and to keep going on nursing and don't worry about cereal til after 4-6 months...which I wasn't even thinking about. We'll be nursing exclusively as long as he can go. Hopefully longer than 6 months. His Dr. was saying that the more "they" (the food administration people) look into cereal and baby food the more they find that the eariler you start them the more prone to allergies your child could be... with Averie we waited til 5 months, but we'll try to go longer with Baylor. It's just more work for the Mama!!! Well, I hope this gave you all an update on how we are doing! We hope you all are doing well. Baylor will be baptized this Sunday, so we'll be posting some pictures of that after the weekend! :o)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I have tried to post Baylor's 4 week pics 5 times now...practically since dinner time...it won't work. Anyone have any suggestions?????



Averie as a bee last year...
Served Averie fresh milk for 1 year, 2 months and 5 days! Served Baylor fresh milk for 1 year, 6 months, 1 week and 5 days! Served Colbie fresh milk for 1 year, 3 months exactly!