Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Just hanging out with Mama! He had a bath today so his hair is fresh and tall!

A little happy face!

Tummy Time! He pretty much hates it so far. But he is so strong! His little legs and feet come off of the floor to balance out him lifting his head! It is so amazing how strong he is!

His bath today was in the big tub! I have just not been able to make myself put him in that plastic tub. It looks like it is hurting his "boy" parts (even though Daddy says it isn't) and I can't really wash his back or booty in the little tub, or use both hands to wash him. So, we were only giving him sponge baths (he did have two baby tub baths...) until I had the idea to just put him in the big tub. It was so much easier! I layed him on a towel (I need to get one of those baby body sponges) he did cry but stopped crying when I poured the water on his body! Which actually calmed him down. I think we are going to be doing baths this way from now on! I also think in time he'll like them, Averie did! :o)

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