Friday, November 10, 2006


Sober girl...

Smiling girl...

Big Sister...
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Leaves, glorious leaves! Averie has a new favorite thing to in leaves. She was outside (we all were) last evening playing in them...for a good 30 minutes or so, until we made her come in for dinner (it was dark out when they came in finally). Daddy took some of these great pics of her. And then again this morning for at least 45 minutes. They had to come in once to warm up because it was 45 degrees out and she wanted to keep playing. So the warmed up and then went back out until lunch time! Crazy kid! She loves the leaves. We'll have to keep moving them around the yard to they don't kill the grass! Anyways, it is good to be 20 months...Averie has just recently started saying alot of two words sentences. She also says more and no instead of signing, which is good and bad. Everything gets a no at first it seems. Well, the boy is paging me...I hope you enjoy these pics!

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Michelle said...

averie! love the shirt! good job keeping mommy busy. you look beautiful as always.

love you!

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