Tuesday, June 24, 2008


A cute picture from June 3rd of Baylor, Averie and Jett-their buddy.

* * * * * * *

From a while ago! We went strawberry picking at a local patch. It was very fun and neat!

I made them wear sunglasses even though they didn't want to.

Check out the berries in his fist.

Pick. Pick. Pick.

* * * * * * * *

Having fun hamming it up for the camera with Mama. Averie was with Grandma & Grandpa for the night! A special night for Averie, Grandma & Grandpa and Baylor!!! :o) Everyone had so much fun!


Silly smile.

Serious (getting tired) boy with blanket.

Goofy boy on the piano (I just love black and white pics).

Pretending to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * *

We went camping last weekend at Pokagon State Park in Indiana!
Here is Baylor at the beach. Also, if you click this pic and make it big...or squint...you can see Averie, Grandma and Grandpa. The are all the way on the right side of the pic. Averie has peach on with a white hat. Grandma has on black capris and a blue shirt. And Grandpa has a blue patterned swimming suit on. They were having a blast splashing and running in the water! Baylor chose to stick to the blanket, dig in the sand and pull the little wagon up and down the ramp of the beach changing facilities.

Daddy joined us the second night (he missed the boom-booms aka thunderstorms at 3am the first night and during nap the second day & Mama with two kids in the bed all snuggled together!!!!!!!!!!).

Baylor making a silly Baylor face!

Averie and Grandma reading a choo-choo book at the campsite.

Beach-Girl's squinty face.

Beach BABE!! Checkin' out the water.

Camping was quite the adventure. We were sleep deprived but figured out how to get the kids to get to sleep better by the second night...so next time it will be much easier. Both kids did sleep well despite boom-booms the first night and Baylor ending up sleeping between Averie and me. He did great the rest of the time in the pack n play. He is getting so big and he understands so much. We will be camping again in July. We are going to choose a different site next time.

* * * * * * * * * *

A pic before we started going around...just in case I didn't have time to get the camera out later.


Baylor driving at the zoo!

Having fun running up and down the little hill.

Brushing the goats.

Seeing the Zebra on the choo-choo. Probably the best part! Averie was so giggly and excited about being on the train.

A zebra and a beautiful blue sky with fake looking clouds.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Love Baylor's expression here. He was in mid walk back to the pool.

Little smirker!!

(One of) The cutest booty ever!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Everything at the wedding was beautiful! We sat with our good friends Re(e and (armine! It was great to get away for the weekend and enjoy wonderful food (I was stuffing my face all weekend) and friends and dancing! We also swam on Sunday morning before checkout. And the kids did AWESOME on the drives (about 4-5 hours including a 1 hour stop for lunch/potty breaks). On the way there, Baylor slept before lunch. Averie slept after. On the way home they both fell asleep almost right away and slept til we were less than an hour from home. We ate lunch once they woke up and only had 45 minutes left to drive after lunch. We entertained them by getting a couple new books, and some Color Wonder paper/markers and some Aqua Doodles. They especially enjoyed the Thomas Choo Choo book with a read along CD. It was very cute! So, now we're planning a camping trip for July!! Fun fun!!

Friday, June 06, 2008


At the Children's Garden

A quick pose...

Pumping the water...

Grandma and Grandpa with the kids

A boat ride on Grandpa's row boat

Just wanted to post some pictures from our visit to Gma Judy and Gpa Bill's over the last two days. We went there Wed. afternoon and came home last night. We had an uneventful time (finally...no arm pulling or snow storm). The kids enjoyed themselves and Baylor slept wonderfully in their crib after a little lovin' and extra snugglin' from me. He then even took a nap there without any tears (he never has trouble going right to sleep at home...just away from home) and slept for 2+ hours, just like at home! It was a breakthrough! We came home after dinner and only had to stop twice for potty breaks (for little miss!). It felt like an endless drive, but we made it before dark! And the kids are still sleeping this morning. I actually got up, exercised a little, ate my breakfast, showered (not in that specific order), planned my day (made a couple lists) and am now able to blog a little. And Matt is mowing already... so a good day is in the works here, I think! Today we are going shopping (for many misc. things we need) and meeting up with several friends and going to the mall, eating lunch and I am getting my hair cut (not in that order at all) and we have a few returns to make. So, we should be getting home by 2 (that will be perfect now that they slept in this morning). And then naps so I can finish packing for our PA journey tomorrow. Hopefully the car ride goes just as well tomorrow...it will be an hour or so more in the car so we're breaking up the drive with lunch in the middle and some running around for sure. And hopefully getting to the hotel early enough for some swimming time in the pool before the wedding (I can dream, can't I...who knows though, we might make it!!) So, I will definitely have some pictures after we return home...hopefully some family ones, all dressed up! We hope you enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008




Here is the real Averie!

Watching me take some pictures.

Little face, bright light, close eyes!!!

Averie did so great at the dentist!!!! She didn't get nervous, cry or even whine! She watched me get my teeth cleaned and polished and then hopped up in the chair and let the dentist go to town. It was awesome. She had bubble gum tooth paste and orange fluoride. She used the water squirter, didn't swallow and used the sucker straw thing to get the water out of her mouth. It was great! She also got a new tooth brush, paste, a timer and some floss! So cool!

* * * * * *
And here is how Baylor was sleeping when I checked on him before going to bed last night. He was zonked!!


Baylor especially loves wearing my/anyone elses shoes. He walks quite well in heels, I must add.

Ice cream evening.

Averie calls it choc-o-nilla (chocolate vanilla twist).

The swing set. This is an older pic of when it was just put up. We now have mulch, landscaping and some other stuff added to the area. I will update it again soon.
Served Averie fresh milk for 1 year, 2 months and 5 days! Served Baylor fresh milk for 1 year, 6 months, 1 week and 5 days! Served Colbie fresh milk for 1 year, 3 months exactly!