Thursday, June 12, 2008


Everything at the wedding was beautiful! We sat with our good friends Re(e and (armine! It was great to get away for the weekend and enjoy wonderful food (I was stuffing my face all weekend) and friends and dancing! We also swam on Sunday morning before checkout. And the kids did AWESOME on the drives (about 4-5 hours including a 1 hour stop for lunch/potty breaks). On the way there, Baylor slept before lunch. Averie slept after. On the way home they both fell asleep almost right away and slept til we were less than an hour from home. We ate lunch once they woke up and only had 45 minutes left to drive after lunch. We entertained them by getting a couple new books, and some Color Wonder paper/markers and some Aqua Doodles. They especially enjoyed the Thomas Choo Choo book with a read along CD. It was very cute! So, now we're planning a camping trip for July!! Fun fun!!


Tonia said...

I am glad you got some pictures! I got none of my own children! Too busy.

BuckeyeBundle said...

LOVE the pictures...especially your family pic and then one of A&B right below it. SO CUTE! Glad you had a great trip and the kids seemed to do so well. We're flying to Denver (my brother is getting married) in July with the girls so I hope we have an equally successful trip! YIKES!!! What am I thinking taking 3 girls flying at 4.5months old? Oh well...always up for the adventure, I guess. Enjoy your weekend!

I hope the time we are up your way in July isn't when you are camping, but if so, then we'll just have to come up and visit in August or something. :) ps...tell your mom that I love seeing her comments on my blog...and also that I miss her and her PB&J sandwiches. ha ha!! :)

annie said...

great pics, can you post them on snapfish, i would love them in my scrap book

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