Friday, June 06, 2008


At the Children's Garden

A quick pose...

Pumping the water...

Grandma and Grandpa with the kids

A boat ride on Grandpa's row boat

Just wanted to post some pictures from our visit to Gma Judy and Gpa Bill's over the last two days. We went there Wed. afternoon and came home last night. We had an uneventful time ( arm pulling or snow storm). The kids enjoyed themselves and Baylor slept wonderfully in their crib after a little lovin' and extra snugglin' from me. He then even took a nap there without any tears (he never has trouble going right to sleep at home...just away from home) and slept for 2+ hours, just like at home! It was a breakthrough! We came home after dinner and only had to stop twice for potty breaks (for little miss!). It felt like an endless drive, but we made it before dark! And the kids are still sleeping this morning. I actually got up, exercised a little, ate my breakfast, showered (not in that specific order), planned my day (made a couple lists) and am now able to blog a little. And Matt is mowing already... so a good day is in the works here, I think! Today we are going shopping (for many misc. things we need) and meeting up with several friends and going to the mall, eating lunch and I am getting my hair cut (not in that order at all) and we have a few returns to make. So, we should be getting home by 2 (that will be perfect now that they slept in this morning). And then naps so I can finish packing for our PA journey tomorrow. Hopefully the car ride goes just as well will be an hour or so more in the car so we're breaking up the drive with lunch in the middle and some running around for sure. And hopefully getting to the hotel early enough for some swimming time in the pool before the wedding (I can dream, can't I...who knows though, we might make it!!) So, I will definitely have some pictures after we return home...hopefully some family ones, all dressed up! We hope you enjoy the pics.

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