Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Averie and Baylor having a moment! She wanted to sit with him on the chair, so I took the opportunity to capture a picture. Who knew they would both smile! :o) I will be framing this one!

Here is Averie with the mall Santa today! I wasn't sure we were going to see him, but we only had two people in front of us in line and the one got scared. So, it only took a minute. Averie was so she was standing in front of him, she looked back at me and gave a little smirk and said "mama?" Almost like she was going to turn around, but I took her hand and she walked over to him and sat in his lap so happily. He told her what a nice little girl she was and how she looked so nice today in her pink boots and all. She just sat there while I took video on my camera and several pictures. It was precious! We'll see how she does next year!

Also, while we were at the mall today, I was walking along (Averie on my back and Baylor in the stroller) and strolled by a baby in a stroller. There were people around the baby, but no one seemed to be with the baby. I kept walking thinking I should turn around because it seemed strange. Sure enough, I turned around and there was another lady there looking around...and no parents. The baby was no more than 6 months...just smiling away! I looked in the Foot Locker and the other lady looked in another one seemed to be missing anything or anyone. So, the lady in the little watch kiosk that was right there called security. I waited for about 5-7 minutes with the lady until security from the mall came down and took the baby up to the offices. It was so strange...I keep thinking about it and wonder what happened. There was a blanket, toy and a child size coat with the baby, but no diaper bag or bottle. I hope everything turns out okay for that little baby. I keep wanting to call the mall and find out. Maybe it will be on the news or in the paper. I'll keep my eye out.

Here we are at our town's little version of the lights! I didn't get any good pictures of them, but it is a little walking path with snowflakes, snowmen and characters lit up all around. The pathway is also lit up all the way around! It is neat...and since it was like 50 degrees the other night we walked around! It was fun! ONLY FIVE DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS! :o)


Anonymous said...

Wow they really look similiar in this picture! So cute, great KODAK moment! See you guys tonight!


Tonia said...

And you thought for sure she would cry! That is great that she didn't. Children are so unpredictable :)

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