Monday, December 11, 2006


Just hanging out at home! Well, I only have a couple of minutes so I thought I'd give everyone an update! Things are going very well these days with us! Baylor is getting so big and mature and I don't know what to do about it! He is cooing and talking and gurgling and smiling all the time! He also loves to look at things. He has a black and white book of animals (it was Averie's) that we looked at for about 10 minutes last night. He also loves to look around whether he is just laying on the footrest to the couch or being held upright. He has so be able to check things out! It is just nuts that I have an almost 10 week old. I remember when I was 10 weeks to delivering. It just goes SO fast. Even faster the second time. I remember just waiting week after week for Averie to smile...and it's like bam, Baylor came out smiling! But, anyways, enough blabbing, he is doing really great!

Averie is just becoming little miss maturity! She is talking all the time, mostly in two word sentences and is copying everything anyone wants her to or doesn't actually! She loves reading books these days and has almost all of her molars all the way through. Man they have taken forever, and made her and I miserable at times! She is really into Christmas stuff, the tree and angels on the tree. I can't wait for it to snow for her. She is going to absolutely love it! She knows what a snowman is from books and always wants to make hopefully we get some snow soon! Lots of it! We were outside today picking up roof shingles and pinecones and rocks. It was a good time!

Well, we'll be pretty busy from now until Christmas and the New Year, so pics may be few and far between. We'll have some good ones Christmas morning for sure, but other than that...our plans are going to be crazy! We are playing with Emma, Ella and Tail (as Averie calls Taylor) tomorrow...Grandma Judy and Grandpa Bill's for Christmas this Thursday through Saturday...then it is the week before Christmas and I don't even have my cards made...yea, not good...oh well, tis the season for chaos! We love it!


Laurie said...

oh they are so beautiful!

Annie said...

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! hope you guys have a great holiday.

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