Wednesday, April 25, 2007


A fun sunny day at the park (last Friday)!

Swing time! Baylor really didn't swing, I just sat him in there for the pic and to help get Averie in and out of the swing.

Sweet boy!

"Hi mama! Why am I sitting at the end of the slide?"

Baylor and Jett hamming it up for the camera! With their pilot caps on! So cute!

We had a great time at the park! We will definitely be doing this again! Everyone was so good and everyone had a great time! Jett slept most of the time b/c it was his nap time. Baylor just hung out with me and Averie ran around and played! We can wait til the rain is gone and we can go back again! :o)

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Served Averie fresh milk for 1 year, 2 months and 5 days! Served Baylor fresh milk for 1 year, 6 months, 1 week and 5 days! Served Colbie fresh milk for 1 year, 3 months exactly!