Monday, April 16, 2007


This has to be quick. It has been a crazy day! We're still fighting two breathing treatments, Averie has a little diarrhea, swimming lessons, Jett and it is just crazy! Today was Averie's first swimming lesson since last year (besides her two refreshers) and it went well. The only problem was the time. We got bumped around and had to go at 11, so when we got home (it was 1215) Baylor was ready to eat, Averie was ready to eat and Jett wanted to get out of his seat and play! So, needless to say I was crazy multitasking until they were all napping at 2. It was no fun. They were all crying at one point or another. So, we are trying to change the time for lessons up to ten, so Baylor is still sleeping when we get home, Jett is sleeping while we are gone and Averie can come home and have room time and relax before lunch! And I can actually have time to make lunch!! I'll try to remember my camera tomorrow and try to take video too! So, cross your fingers that we can switch the time or we may not being doing lessons until May. Still before the pool is open and we are swimming all the time. So, okay gotta run. More later!


Michelle said...

you're a wonderwoman! lucky kids. i used to make or prep lunch while the kids were eating breakfast when i knew that times were cutting it close to stay on schedule. you're the best!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a crazy day! Hopefully no more of those in the near future! Hang in there!


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