Saturday, April 14, 2007


Not that I should be complaining, but today has been soooo boring (plus Matt's working this weekend and has worked extra all week. Like 67 hours between Monday-Sunday)! I should just be able to relax. With the kids snotty and coughing...I am having a hard time deciding whether or not to go to the mall or Target. I want to...but I don't! I have a long list of things all written down and everything we need too. Time will tell if we decide to go. Today, we have gotten up (a tad late), ate breakfast. I let Averie watch JoJo on tv (I never put the tv on for her, so you know I'm bored). The kids took baths (it was bath night last night and we skipped, so they were due for a bath anyways), I trimmed Baylor's hair (see the pics). Averie and I read...and now we're just sitting around being goofy (see pics again). I am trying not to spend too much time online b/c then I am forced to buy stuff (I have a shopping cart full at But I am also trying really hard not to eat everything in the house. It hasn't been that hard...but I eat when I am bored and I am getting hungry. Baylor is napping, Averie is "shopping." I think maybe I could start making lunch. It is 11:45am. I could take down the Easter stuff. And if I really was desperate to do something I could work out. Maybe later. Blah, blah, blah. OK, well I also could scrapbook. And mail out the kids pictures to the family. So many things I could do...we'll see what I actually do later.

Well, the Dr. appt. went okay. Averie was a basket case the whole time. She knew it wasn't a fun place to be (even though she didn't get shots). But everyone is doing good. They are growing very well! Baylor is under what Averie was at 6 months by almost a #. And he is back on cereal again. We are taking it very slow this time (not that we didn't last time, but even slower). He is only having it for breakfast for about a week. Then breakfast and dinner if he does good. And that will leave lunch to introduce the orange veggies. Maybe in a week or so. He goes back and has his shots on the 26th of this month. And gets a recheck on his breathing. He has been worlds better. And Averie on the other hand is all snotty and coughing and miserable. She is still acting, sleeping and eating hopefully she won't need the breathing treatments...but we'll see. She woke up pretty unhappy this morning. One good thing about her being sick is that she goes to sleep without chatting to herself for 45 minutes. I am sure she doesn't want to be in there talking with a dripping nose so she just gets right down to business and sleeps. That has been good. Plus she also needs the extra rest! So, that's the story of the Dr. appts. They are healthy and the Dr. told Matt and I that we make great babies! You know, I'll have to agree with that one! :o) Hope you all have a fun and non-boring weekend! I am sure I'll be back later. Whatever am I going to do during their naps later...

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Michelle said...

i totally remember the boring days. you will get through it. hopefully it will be nice out soon, that always helped us. baylor looks like a little man with his trimmed hair! how cute! hopefully he is off the breathing treatments soon, i remember doing those. if it makes you feel any better the weather here is yucky! heavy rain, cold, windy and gray.

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