Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Averie sitting just below the tiger!!! ROOOAAARRR!!

Jayde, Averie and their new friends!

Baylor and Jett...just hanging out at the playground.

Baylor, Averie and I at the playground (at the zoo).

So, Averie was upset about the animals. She started crying in the elephant area and didn't really stop until we ended up at the play area. She cried everytime we went into a building (even to use the bathroom). Hopefully next time we go the one on one will help. Matt stayed home and worked on the floors, so it was me and the kids along with Shawna, Jayde and Jett. We did all together enjoy the time there. We will be going back many many times this summer, so Averie, I hope you adjust!! :o) She did do okay with the tigers, penguins and sloth bear (we went there first and they were outside). It was baby Louie and his mama that through her off I guess (they were indoors and it was smelly).

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Tonia said...

Rece won't go near the big fake animals!

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