Sunday, March 25, 2007


We went outside yesterday in the mild weather! I was very nice out, just a little breezy! Here are a few fun pics I got!

Averie nursing her pine cone!

Baylor watching Averie very intently. He wanted to jump down and run over and play with her.

She was trying to see herself on the back of the camera.

Sweet little grin.

We've had a great weekend! Averie is doing awesome at potty training. The first day we had 4 accidents. She also peed on the potty 4 times. Day two, yesterday she only had one accident and it was just a little one. She also peed on the potty all day (wore a diaper for nap, which was pretty dry when she got up). She also did her #2 on the potty. We are having "special treats" when she says dry and clean (after she pees too!). Her special treats are M&M minis. It is handy b/c they come in that tube which is nice and portable. We also were able to take a short trip to Kroger and play outside yesterday evening...all with underwear on! I am crossing my fingers that she is getting it! Most of the time I put her on and ask her to put her pee in the potty she can release it on command. Like 95% of the time yesterday it was like that. So...she is on her way! I knew she was ready, we just had to commit to doing it. So, more updates later. We are going to church today, so lets hope (and pray) that she can make it. I am going to conveniently forget the water she likes to suck down during church. And bring a new coloring book or something instead. It seems crazy that I might only have one baby in diapers! And exciting!

Baylor is also doing well with his new milestone (sleeping 12 hours with no nursing). I on the other hand am a TAD uncomfortable...I pumped the last two days and got 5 oz. out of one side both days! Today I didn't wake up til 730 and didn't want to pump since he is going to eat in a bit. Speaking of, he is talking in there. That is good b/c he woke up crying yesterday and was kinda sleepy and needy most of the day. Which is not his usual self. We will see how he is today. Hopefully he was just tired yesterday and not getting sick. He does have a little runny nose, so that could be the culprit. Well, I'll be going now. We will hopefully enjoy the day today! It is supposed to be a nice one! :o)


Michelle said...

always love seeing new pictures from you! great job averie with the potty training!

Tonia said...

I didn't know you were starting that! That is so great!!! I am a little jealous.

Laurie said...

wow great job with the potty training - so jealous! we'll get started soon though.

great pictures too, we went out today but I forgot the camera!

Beth said...

I really didn't plan on starting the potty training actually! We just happened to buy a potty that I just love and she wanted to "use" it (play with it), so we just kinda went for it! I guess she was ready b/c she only has accidents when she is really distracted (like outside yesterday!). Today she pooped on it again! I'm excited for less diapers around here!

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