Thursday, July 12, 2007


Baylor signing his first sign! "All-done!" His own version of the sign, but he wasn't messing around! He was DONE eating! :o) He has done it pretty much at every meal since (he was also doing it before I figured it out too, I just didn't connect the sign with what he was doing until then)!

Baylor trying to eat his new kicks! I had to break down and buy him some "real" shoes because of how much he loves to stand. I can't picture myself letting him stand just anywhere (ie-Target's bathroom floor, the mall play area etc. you get the picture) barefoot. They are sooo adorable. His foot measures in at a whopping 1.5.

Well...the photo session...gone bad!!!
Here is the only pictures we would have liked to get at his picture session on Tuesday. However, these were all done at home...because of well...

the scary photographer, Baylor's mama syndrome and stranger anxiety and well, he was tired to boot (I planned it for a great time, he was just an early bird that morning)!

A couple of good ones (I did a little photo session at home, b/c we aren't going to reschedule and torture him again...and I really only need a couple of cute ones. Here are my two favs. The upset one with Daddy's and my hands is also a keeper. It is totally him when he is upset. The lip and all! The one of his fingers in mouth is totally what he did at the photography place.

A few penguins.

A line of cuties walking along! Ella, Taylor, Averie and Andrew!

Baylor chilling in the stroller!

Averie loving every minute with the goat!

Averie testing out the dog house!

We've had a super busy week so far! The mall on Monday, visitors on Tuesday and the zoo Wednesday. We are going to have a day with Grandma today too so, we'll be out and about again! More posts later...we hope you enjoyed these pics!

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