Tuesday, October 30, 2012

bay's party

His tractor dirt cake.

I can't believe we have a 6 year old!

For your special day, we went to Great Wolf Lodge again!  You decided to be super brave and go down all the big slides this time!!  I was so proud of you!!  It was like a whole new experience for you.  We opened gifts, had cupcakes, dinner, and had so much fun.  We even invited your friends Bronsen and Kitsen and they were there to celebrate with you (and Colbie too).  After your Birthday, we invited GG, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Brad, Aunt Shannon (your Godparents) and Delaney over for soup, salad, and tractor dirt cake.  :o)  You chose tomato soup, Patty's salad, and garlic bread. YUM!

Bugga boy, playing.

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