Tuesday, October 30, 2012

colbie is 3


1 year old Colbie

2 year old Colbie

You are something else! You are smart, sassy, feisty, sweet, loving, energetic, and did I mention feisty? You are in constant motion and rarely sit still. You love tagging along with Averie and Baylor and are very good at pushing buttons. You love PupPup and still suck your fingers but only in your bed. You have preschool during the week, you're doing dot paint letters and watching Sesame Street (your leaning show) in the morning. You absolutely love Demsey. You want to hug, kiss, love on, hold, and be right by him every chance you get. So far he doesn't mind! But, I know eventually he will tell you otherwise. You know most of your letters and are starting to show interest in writing your name. You are left handed which we've suspected for a while now. You love to paint pictures and paint your hand and make prints. You love outside time and can pedal a bike with training wheels and a tricycle. You've also figured out how fun it is to lay on your belly and swing. You're growing up so fast these days. You do have a temper though...you don't like to ask for help, you'd rather just scream and cry. You have fits like we've never experienced before and are sometimes completely irrational! But, you have a reason I suppose. I will say though that the crazy meltdowns are getting better, we've been better about getting down to your level and figuring out why you're upset. Even though you have your feisty moments, you are still very sweet and loving.  XOXO, we love you sweet Doosie.  So so much!

Princess Colbs
My beautiful girl

Birthday lunch
Big girl bed!!
Blowing out her star candles

Big Bucket Tip Birthday!

Dora cupcakes at Big Bucket

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