Thursday, October 04, 2007


How the Sears photo shoot started!!!

How it ended!!! :o) Thankgoodness...

One of my favs...

Baylor! You're one. I can't believe it! We were admiring you in the hospital one year seems so unbelievable. You have grown so quick and are so much fun. You are all over the place, crawling and pulling up and cruising. I will so happy for you when you finally walk b/c you are so stinking close!!! And you will be not just walking, but running!!!

Today was a fun day. We went to lunch at Max and Erma's, had yummy food and then went for a photo shoot at Sears. It went well. We got many good pics of you and Averie and then came home for cookies (you went down for your nap) and milk. You will get to have your birthday cake on Saturday. You will love it! We love you so much bud and can't wait to see you get bigger and grow! xxoxoxoxx More Birthday pics to come!!! For the rest of the Sears pics click here! The username is my email address and the password is averiebaylor. Enjoy!!!


Michelle said...

happy birthday big boy! i'm sorry i didn't get your presents mailed to you. somehow i think that you will have more than enough. =) i'm so sorry that i will miss your first bday party. i can't wait to see the pictures! miss you (and averie and mamma too!)

Anonymous said...

Happy first birthday sweet boy!
Love, Grandma

Andrew and Joseph said...

Happy Birthday Baylor! You're gift is going to be late cuz mom still has it sitting on the counter! Oh well, as long as it gets there before Christmas! Have a great party on Saturday.
Love Andrew and Joseph!

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