Monday, October 08, 2007




Baylor's party was very successful! He had a great time, ate well and was overall just happy to hang out with everyone! We all ate first, chili, chicken noodle soup, croissant sandwiches, veggies, spinach dip, fresh fruit and salad. It was very yummy! I actually am craving some spinach dip right now...

Anyways, Baylor got many neat things, clothes and ride on toys. He really loves both of his ride on toys! He is also into noisy things (which is g.r.e.a.t...joking, I actually don't mind at all)! He chowed on his was great! He literally took both hands and grabbed it and smashed it. And loved it! It was totally opposite of Averie whom just picked a tiny little hole in hers (at her 1st Bday party). But I must say I am glad all the festivities are done and we can get back to "normal." Actually Daddy is on vacation this week, so we are getting a lot done! And getting everyone back to healthy too. Averie and Baylor (and me too, I guess) have runny noses and I have a sore throat. Not fun really. Baylor also had his appt. today and was 18lbs 8oz. (3rd percentile) and 28.25 inches (10th percentile). He is growing, just on the lower end of the charts!!! He also had three shots and was traumatized for about 15 minutes. Anytime one of the nurses would give him sympathy, he'd burst into tears all over again. Silly boy. But he was just fine all evening and day, so they didn't bother him too much!! But he had been on tomorrow could be a different story! We'll see! Well, I need a little down time, more posts tomorrow or later this week. We'll hopefully be too busy doing house stuff for me to post, but I'll try to catch up this weekend!!! :o)




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Chasity said...

He's so cute...he has more hair than Conner :o) Glad to see you had a great birthday!!!

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