Saturday, October 13, 2007


L-R: Olivia (pink hood-bending down), Zigg, Aves, Theresa, Joe (and Nicholas on the back of his daddy-face blocked by cow booty)

I love the pumpkins!

Family photo! Hay ride time!

Goofy boy-goofy glasses!

Queen of the pumpkins!!

Here-eat this!

Hay slide-at the top!

Hay slide-at the bottom!

Hay is so much fun! Theresa, Averie and Olivia.

We visited some friends about 2 hours away on Friday. We went to a pumpkin, hay, apple cider, doughnut, hayride, corn, petting zoo, sunflower and hay maze, super fun place! It was very cool! First you got a stamp on your hand, then we climbed on a few tractor's, hay bails and large pumpkins. Then we ran through a sunflower maze and a hay tunnel (for little ones), then we went in the neatest part (my fav), a huge barn filled with loose hay (squishy and hard to walk on) and bails of hay (to climb) which led up to the slides they had in the barn. It was very cool! Averie did the slides by herself several times and loved it (see pics). Then we went out and picked some pumpkins and rode the hay ride back to our cars to drop off the pumpkins and our stuff and walked back in to the farm for homemade (SUPER YUMMY) pumpkin doughnuts and apple juice (not homemade, but yummy after a pumpkin doughnut). It was so much fun that after we were on our way back to our friends house it was like nap, no dinner we were covered in hay, but everyone had a great time! We went back to their house and played, ate and left around bed time! It was good to see them it had been 2 years (way too long!)! I didn't get any good pics of the kids (shame on me). Mostly Theresa (her brother's Joe and Nicholas- mom-Barb, dad-Dan). We also went with their friends: Olivia and her baby brother Zigg- mom-Andrea, dad-Michael) Matt went to school with Dan and Barb.

So, the week (Matt's vaca) wrapped up great. Many things were accomplished: 3 new doors were installed (white ones in, brown 70's versions out), the pool covered (so sad, sniff), house cleaned (that was Monday, it needs cleaned again already! BLA), lawn mowed, the well chlorinated, deck organized - I think the only thing that hasn't been done yet is the gutters need cleaned out. But it is only Saturday (it feels like a Sunday), so maybe we'll (Matt) do that tomorrow. Not sure of tomorrow's plan. Next week will be a relaxing week. We'll be staying in mostly, sneeking outside if it is nice...maybe making a trip to the mall one day. Not sure yet. The calendar is bare (except for Uncle Todd's B-day)...that is a good feeling! Ok, well, time to go. I have a sinus infection (self diagnosis, but pretty sure) and have been feeling cruddy so I am going to r and r on the couch (with a yummy pumpkin doughnut, ha)! NIGHT!


Michelle said...

great pictures! sounds like a great week. pumpkin donuts are the best! your hair looks really cute short. i keep thinking about what i want to do with mine every time lars yanks some of it out.
i love the name zigg. is it short for something?
miss you!

Chasity said...

Way to cute!! I've heard everyone talk about Circle S Farm, but we've never been. Looks like it was a blast!!

Beth & Matt said...

Ziggman (not sure about the spelling though!) Yes, I too think it is a cute name!

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