Sunday, October 21, 2007


Baylor officially has two teeth! The right one popped through first, but the left one is all the way through now!

Fun in the bath!

We had a fun and busy weekend. Well, Saturday was pretty lazy, but today was busy. We had Sunday school today, which is a first for us. Our church just started Family Sunday School. Averie and I (my mom watched Baylor play and crawl around) had a small breakfast, the teacher read a short story and we did two crafts. One was a plate and we glued pictures of food on the plate and the second craft was a coffee filter fish that we colored with marker (Averie's first experience with markers) and sprayed with water and the colors ran and mixed together! It was neat! She liked it. We then had church and coffee and cookies after church (I was one of the hostesses). So, my mom fed Baylor his lunch and after we did that we ran to Babies R Us to pick up a few things. And actually only ended up buying Averie some under shirts because there was a gap in the coupons from Babies R Us so the coupon I wanted to use expired yesterday and the newer coupon didn't start til next week. So, I put back the bumper for Baylor (the reason we went there in the first place). So, I was annoyed. But the kids took good naps when we got home and I got to eat a little lunch and clean up and relax and chat on the phone. So it was a good afternoon otherwise. And I probably didn't need to buy Baylor a new bumper, I just took the other one out and it has two broken ties (they need to be stitched on by a professional, I tried once and failed). And he has gotten his leg stuck twice in like 4 days...not fun! So, not sure if we'll go back and get it or not. Can't decide. Anyways, the weekend turned out good and tomorrow will be a lazy day since we've had crazy naps and all. Okay, better get shows are about to start.

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Anonymous said...

What a big boy! I LOVE these pictures! They really capture a great moment! GOOD JOB MAMMA! Talk soon, miss you guys!


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