Monday, February 18, 2008


Miss Artista...

Mr. Bubble Blower!


We had to suddenly start swimming last week after we found out that our instructor would be out of town this April and May (when we would have started swimming for Baylor). Now we are on a tight schedule to get him going and finished in less than 6 weeks because the pool we are using is closing for repairs the end of March! So, we started and Baylor is doing great! He's pretty much mastered breath control in 2 days and grabs and holds the bar very well. We resume with lessons tomorrow (off today b/c of President's Day). Averie is doing refreshers and learning the back stroke. She will take more "fun" lessons in June when Miss Cindy is back from out of town. Fun! Fun! And Averie came down with some sort of flu-like symptoms Saturday night. Poor girl has no energy to even move this morning. Here we go again with the sickness!!! Sorry to those people we haven't been in touch with lately (Janet and girls, Annie, Aunt Shannon, Aunt Shawna)...we are hibernating once again!


Michelle said...

yucky sick. it must be everywhere. lars has been not himself the past few days. this morning he was lying in bed with me and vomited EVERYWHERE. i was covered, he was covered, the bed was covered. this was of course after he had a bath and had gotten dressed. hope all is better there soon! miss you all

annie said...

just give me a call when things simmer down again, for a visit, or to just chat whenever!

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