Friday, February 08, 2008


Poor Baylor. He was back on his feet and normal self all day yesterday, no fever or anything...then today, we ran errands after he had a bout of constipation (opposite of normal for him) in the morning...half way though the mall I had to carry him in the mai tai (good think I brought it in!) and he barely picked at lunch (opposite of normal again) and fell asleep in the mai tai (hasn't happened since he was tiny) while we were walking toward the Gap potty for Averie and then on our way home. So, we got him home and his fever was back to 102, he was crying and snotty and lethargic. It was kinda scary! He has been napping for 2.5 hours now not counting the 30+ minutes he slept in the mall. He ended up waking up for the drive home, but poor boy. I hope he drinks something when he wakes up, since he would barely eat lunch, I doubt he'll be interested in drinking anything but maybe from me (that is definitely a plus that he is still nursing)...he'll be at least getting those down! The Dr.'s said it is the trend that they have been seeing, the fever and symptoms are gone for a day, and then come back. Totally weird! I just want to go snuggle him...but he will be more rested sleeping in his bed. I'll post an update tomorrow or Sunday, hopefully we are better by then!

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andrew and joseph said...

We feel your pain! It's like the boys are passing fevers back and forth! What fun, what fun!

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