Monday, February 04, 2008


I can't believe you are 16 months old. It feels like just yesterday I was starring at the pregnancy test in complete disbelief (two years ago on the 30th of Jan.)! At a super faint line I thought I was imagining. Well, definitely not my imagination! You are so amazing. You are smart, funny, goofy, sweet and very entertaining. You love your independence for sure. You are self feeding most of the time and usually turn your head and whine when we even try to feed you. You love almost all food (canned plain mushrooms you did spit out once and you are not a fan of egg salad). You still eat like a champ though. I'm still waiting for the day you gain a lot of weight and are a chunk. But that is still not the case! The last couple days/nights have been hard for you. You have a stuffy and runny nose and cannot breath to nurse or when you are you've had extra snuggles and even slept with us for 6 hours last night...but I have no doubt in a couple days you'll be back to your own spunky, happy self. I took this pic during were being goofy after a full lunch and you were pretty happy even though you don't feel well. :o) Keep on amazing us...we love you Butta boy!

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Michelle said...

happy 16 months baylor! hope you're feeling better soon. =)

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