Sunday, April 26, 2009


Riding the elephant!

On the train ride!

Polar Bear!

We enjoyed the gorillas! They just relaxed and ignored us.

Baylor enjoying the sunshine.

A monkey, I mean Averie hanging out!

Watching the tiger walk around.

Having fun!

The zoo was so much fun! We had the most beautiful day for the zoo! It was cool out, so the kids needed their coats, which was good because with the sun shine we were comfy warm! We saw a lot of animals, fish, played at the playground and ate our picnic lunch! Averie wanted to see the gorillas this time, right away! They made her nervous until this year. We also saw an orangutan family, they were so cute! I wish I would have asked for their names, but it was the little boy orangutan's 5th Birthday (there was also a mama, daddy and little sister orangutan). There was wrapping paper everywhere, crate paper, presents and fruit! He kept trying to sit on an upside down laundry basket and it kept collapsing. It was very funny. The video shows him finally succeeding and enjoying his grapefruit...


Michelle said...

you should ask kristin about the animals' names. she knows them all

kristin said...

Yes I do! That was Bajik's birthday! He's getting so big! His mom's name is Kutai, dad is Boomer, and sister is Kahli. Then there is the orangutan that's by himself who's name is JJ. I'd be happy to go to the zoo one day with you guys and tell you all the stories and names I know of the animals :)

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