Saturday, April 04, 2009


Oh my goodness! Baylor, you are so big. And so mature. It has been such an amazing and wonderful time getting to know you and to watch you thrive and develop. You surprise us every day with your little quirks and funny faces, words and how smart you are. You are counting to 20 with almost no help. You are madly in love with blanket - and I know you will be for a long time to come. You sleep amazingly well, without any complaints or barely any talking before you fall asleep. You've always been an excellent sleeper. You eat almost anything. The only thing you don't care for is egg salad, maybe a texture thing. You love to play with your sissy, and follow her around. You enjoy dressing up in "costumes," playing tractors, cars, "going to work," and especially playing outside. You also are able to pedal a tricycle well. You love swinging outside and I can already predict that you will love the sand box! Baylor boy, you are so sweet. You test us here and there, but are easily encouraged to listen. You are a lovey boy, you give a good kiss and hug, but you don't snuggle so much anymore. Unless Averie wants to snuggle, then you are interested (a little friendly competition works out to mama's advantage in that situation). You are small and skinny, but so agile and coordinated. You are an excellent climber and love running around. All in all you are pretty amazing, and I am blessed to have you as my son. I love you B, you keep getting bigger and bigger and lovin me. And I'll keep lovin you, forever! HUGS and KISSES my boy!! xoxoxo

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BuckeyeBundle said...

aww, this is a sweet post! What a cool little boy you have! Hi Baylor!

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