Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Black and em. Run!!!!

Best buds.

All dressed up for a photo shoot!

My brown-eyed babes.

* * * * * * * *
Bath time! Averie didn't have her hair washed for bath, so I pulled it up... well, Baylor wanted his up too...

LOL. He looks so cute with a tail! We were all just cracking up!!!

Had to take the hair down eventually which made messy hair... man this kids hair grows so fast. I just cut it like 2 weeks ago!

Wow, we have been so busy with playdates and Easter and pictures and getting the house cleaned and organized and keeping up with church (I clean the church weekly, do a church newsletter and organize the littlest kids Sunday School class weekly!). We are getting ready to enjoy Daddy's vacation next week and making plans to do some fun stuff! We will probably go to the zoo, maybe to a State park in Indiana that we love, especially if the weather cooperates! I really want to drag daddy to a Gap outlet to pick up some summer clothes for us adults! Hmmm... that is really what's been happening with us. We are excitedly awaiting the 60 degree weather that is supposed to be here tomorrow and Friday. That will make things nice around here as we've had several days of COLD and rain. I don't mind rain, in fact I want to let the kids play in it, but not when it's 38 degrees!! Brrr. So...that is what we've been up to! I hope to update again soon...

Almost forgot to post a pic or two of egg coloring and Easter!

Coloring Eggs!

Baylor showing off his new slippers!

Easter morning, after searching for eggs and digging into the baskets.

Averie and her goodies from the Easter Bunny.

Easter morning at Church.


Michelle said...

you both look so cute in your easter clothes!

Annie :) said...

you always take the cutest pictures,i need to take a class from you!

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