Friday, October 28, 2011



Silly sweetness.



1 year old. "Oooooon" as in balloon.

2 year pic coming soon!

Holy smokes! Doosie is 2! Our sweet, spunky, lovey, happy, smart girl is 2. Well...Colbie, you are so smart. You are starting to know your colors. You LOVE pink, or at least you always say pink when we have you pick a color. You can count to 10 and like to count with mama and daddy. You like to say, "look at me!" And show us a crazy, silly face. You LOVE food and know what you want and don't! You ask "why" for everything and when we ask you "why" you say "no why!" Hilarious. You love doing dot paints, and painting and always ask to "do school?" You like riding bikes outside, being outside time, tomatoes ("matoes"), and are sad our plants are gone. You say 5-6 words at a time now and can communicate 99% with your words. You love your purple afghan blanket and pup-pup still and sleep with both of them every night. You go to bed at 8:15pm and sleep all night until about 7:15/7:30am. You ALWAYS wake up happy and you take a nap from 2-4:30pm. You love juice-water and are starting to eat bigger bites and chew your food really well. You love to say "knock-knock" and we say "who's there" and you say "peek" or "orange" and then you crack up and say it again and again! You give good side eye looks and you love to use adult utensils. You almost always take mama's. Silly girl. You run around and play all the time, you like to dress yourself (and are starting to get good at it!). You are good at standing up for yourself and are not afraid to swat at brother (sissy too, but brother pushes your buttons well) or yell. In fact you speak up for yourself a lot! I imagine you will change a lot this year, you will get smarter and smarter and just amaze us every day. XOXO we <3 you sweet Colbs.

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Annie :) said...

love her!!!!!! great pics :)

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