Tuesday, October 04, 2011


5 Year Old Boy!

The 4 Year Collage...

You are 5!! This is the year you get a “big” party!!! We are going to have it at our church and have games and prizes and yummy food! We can’t wait to invite all of your friends over and enjoy a Diego and Dora Birthday Party! It should be FUN!

Some of your favorite things (I asked you to list them)- helping daddy, riding your bike and playing outside, tools, cars and trucks, the iPad, pooltime, chocolate, crackers, pizza, Olive Garden, cake, crunchy carrots, broccoli, oranges, peanut butter and jelly, juice and so much more. You are very smart...writing letters, starting to read and do math. Once you are officially 5 we will begin the “reading” book and quiet time instead of nap time. You ask about that everyday and cannot wait! Hard to believe you are 5. It went so quick. So fast I can hardly remember your baby-hood. What a sweet mama’s boy you are. You also still love your blanket even though it is in 10 pieces. You also love anything with wheels...you play recital and dress up with sissy too. You are a super great brother and boy. You love Colbie and give her the run around. You pick on her out of love, and she picks back! :o) We love you sweet boy. We can't believe you are 5 and growing so fast. XO.

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