Monday, January 24, 2011


Colbie preparing to walk...or shall I say, take a few steps then lunge. Ha ha.

Colbie LOVES bath time. She went from being terrified a couple of months ago (screaming and crying and trying to jump out). To now, trying to jump in! And telling me "uh-uh" when it's time to go out!

So sweet! Well, Colbie wasn't happy about being in a pic. But you can't really tell.

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Stephanie said...

Hi Beth,

I love the new pics of the kids you've posted. They are growing so fast and are so cute. Are you guys hanging in there with this weather? I was also wondering if Matt had heard about the Hartley reunion someone is planning. I'm sure he's real thrilled to attend, but tell him maybe we could just have our own? Have him email me and maybe we can at least have a get together with some past friends and our families! Stay warm!

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