Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The stockings...looking stuffed!

Our traditional Christmas Eve Family photo.

The kiddos, ready to tear into the gifts...

So, we had a wonderful Christmas...well, mostly. I was sick, ugh, head cold/sinus thingy. I didn't have an appetite or voice and couldn't sleep. But I am tons better now. Yesterday was my first better day and actually it wasn't until bedtime that I noticed how good I felt. Today, even better yet. So, Christmas was so much fun! The kids loved going to Grandma and Grandpa (B and J) the week before Christmas... we also got to visit with our buds Rece, Carmine, Tierney and Kinsley! We do a book exchange with them and had so much fun. Averie is still talking about how she loved watching Rece play his game and loved talking to him. Every time we are with them it is typically for a gathering, which is too busy and chaotic for any play time. This visit was nice and low key. After that visit we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house and daddy met us there. We celebrated Christmas with them and really enjoyed their gift of roller skates!!! The big kids got to skate all over their basement, which was great practice since they were nervous and had never skated before! Colbie just crawled all over and wanted to climb the stairs and eat everything she could find (off the floor even). After a couple fun days there, we headed home just in time for a visit with Jayde, Jett, Jorie, Delaney and A Shan and A Shawna. They came over to our house and we did our annual craft and dinner. The kids painted ornaments and played! And then the next day was Christmas Eve. We headed to Grandma and Grandpa's (P and A) for dinner (we brought veggie pizzas, Oreo and pb bon bons, Hug pretzels and brownie cookies)! We also had sandwiches and soup and a wonderful time. We went to church and after church we did presents! The kids got tons of fun things. Moon sand, play-doh, paper dolls, Colbie got a small Little People set and some other fun things! After all the excitement we headed home for bed (10:30pm...yawn!)... Then Santa came!!!! What a fun morning! The kids got so many fun things...they are still playing with everything today...Trio, Paper dolls, Play mobil, games, etc. The list goes on. We then went to GG's house for Christmas with my extended family and they got a few more goodies. We also had lunch and spent time with cousins (Averie's buds). They played and we just really felt so blessed and loved with everyone together.

As far as the kids go...Averie is doing wonderful. She is reading very well and we are 3/4 the way through her reading lessons book. She is also enjoying working on a winter book right now for our Christmas break "project." She reads stories well and will even, with a little encouragement, read for other people. I can tell she is still unsure of her reading skill, but she does very well. Math, I would says she is at about a 1st grade level. We have a math book and are working on it little by little, but it is still very basic. She can do 10 pages at a sitting and enjoys them. She would do art and crafts all day if I let her. This is what she chooses to do during "nap" for Baylor and Colbie. She could fill up 10 or 20 papers if I let her (I limit her to 5 a day). Her favorite things right now are still Dora and Alicia (Diego's sister/Dora's cousin). She also likes Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (she got a dress/basket/Toto/shoes for Christmas from Baylor)...even though we haven't watched the movie. She has watched clips from U-tube. She is also a super helper for me with Colbie and will watch her and play with her when I need her to. She loves being the big sister (and is fabulous at it).

Baylor is still Averie's little sidekick. He really loves garbage trucks and cars and anything of that type. He will play independently but is extremely shy without his big sis. He is active and likes to run around and bounce around and has a lot of energy most of the time. He also always has good ideas and shares them, mostly with his big sister. He is a good listener once you catch his attention first. He still loves his blanket even though it is in about 6 pieces! Sweet Baylor boy. As far as school goes, Baylor has started the reading book and is about 6 lessons in. He does enjoy it, but I can tell he is quite ready for the harder stuff. I know he could do it, but I'm not pushing him to do it. If he asks to do a lesson, I definitely do it. But I don't include it in his typical day. He loves doing dot paints and writing. He writes his name very well!! And could probably write every letter if asked. He is also very smart at math and will probably do very well with it. We still do preschool and he will be working on a winter book over these next couple months too.

Then there is Miss Colbie. Oh goodness. She is a stinker! She is persistent. She loves crawling everywhere! And picking up little things from the floor to eat...ugh, yea, that's been fun. 100% opposite of the other two. They picked things up and handed them to me. I have to constantly watch Colbie. But that's okay, I don't mind. :o) She is a mama's girl too. And still sucks those fingers. She loves almost all food. Loves pumpkin bread, cheese, veggies, fruit, pasta...really the only things she doesn't like are eggs right now. And a certain cereal bar. Oh yea, and cow's milk! She is standing a little bit now and starting to get confident in the possibility of walking...we will see when she actually walks. I predict by 15 months she will be getting there. She talks too, and understands a lot but listens when she wants to. She says sissy, thank you, balloon, da da, bear bear, bye bye, all done, baby, uh oh, eat, hi there, hi, all done, diaper, ju ju (juice), mmmmmm, and she grunts/clears her throat for nursing time. She signs, more, all done, light, fan, waves hi and bye. She nurses before bed (her favorite) and in the morning (soon to be done). She chows all the time! She loves her stuffed animals, her fav is bear bear and Violet. She also loves peek-a-boo and climbing on everything!!! And she is starting to love bath time again, finally!

Wow, so that update is long past due! I wish you all a HAPPY 2011!!!!!

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Chasity said...

Beth you have to be so proud of their progress!!! They are doing amazing!! :O)

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