Monday, April 05, 2010


Colbie gazing out the window before our swim.

Averie and Baylor playing the Lady Bug game.

Little Miss.

Pool time

Colbie loved it, Averie loved it, Baylor loved it... the pool water was so warm.

We stayed in a nearby hotel a couple of weeks ago just for fun. The hotel had free dinner (they brought in P.F. Chang's) which was included... a pool and hot tub (we were only joined by 2 boys one time, the rest of the time we were alone)... the pool was so warm, Colbie probably thought she was in a large bath. She loved it, just chilled and relaxed in my arms. And free breakfast the next morning. Not just your average breakfast. I'm talking everything... eggs, breakfast burritos, cereal, bagels, homemade waffles, fruit, oatmeal, pasteries, meat, a juice machine... much more then I can list...yum. I love breakfast!!! Ha ha. And one of the best perks was the room. It was a suite so there was a bedroom with 2 beds so we could put the bigs to bed in separate beds and stay up and watch tv and have dessert (we got a yummy slice of cheesecake from P.F. Changs and didn't share with the kids!). The room also had a full kitchen and it was only $115 with tax per night! It was nice to do something fun with the kids and to let them enjoy the pool and practice their swimming skills - which they loved. We will for sure do it again!

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Janet said...

Sounds great fun! Where is this secret place? email me :)

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