Thursday, March 04, 2010


Miss Averie

Baylor Boy

Sweet Colbie

Colbie's bandaid too... :o)
3 happy silly kids

Poor Colbie's eczema chest. She was so itchy for several days. Now though she seems better, we treated her with special ointment and lots (like 4 times a day) of aquaphor. She would thrash during the night and wake up crying and was just miserable. She has since done better at night, still waking once to eat but has started waking before 10pm... which is such a strange time for her to wake. Last night I got her up and held her a bit and then put her back down. She was soooo angry! She eventually settled back down by sucking her fingers. Just like her brother and her daddy did when they were babies. She has grown over a lb. and an inch since 2 months. Now at 11lbs. 13.1oz. and 24.25 inches. But still our smallest baby! She is a little peanut compared to A and B (both just over 14lbs.!). Awe, I just melt when she smiles at me. She loves her tongue and sticking it out. She does this almost with every smile. Here are some of the things she is doing at 4 months -
-Almost rolling (back to belly)
-Loves her burp cloths
-Loves her play gym and batting at toys
-Napping in her basinet (and pretty much no where else)
-Eating at 8am, 11am, 230pm, 5pm, 730pm(small feeding before bed), 11pm, 5am (sometimes). With her itchy-ness the night time has been off/sporatic, but her day time is like clockwork
-Only nurses on one side at a feeding
-Is very vocal and smiley
-Loves sucking on her fingers (this is happening more and more)
-Gets fussy when tired
-Goes right to sleep when you put her down for nap/bed
-Does not nap well while out and about
-Loves to stand on your legs while you hold her
Hmmm, that's all that is coming to mind right now. She is so sweet and loves smiling and standing so much. Averie is so loving with her and always wanting to make her smile and be happy. She still gets me things that I ask for and will play and talk to Colbie when I need her to. Baylor on the other hand is such a boy with her. He is not rough enough to make her cry, but is soooo not gentle! I guess it is good for her and she will learn to be rough back. He is loving in the fact that he always has to touch her when he sees her. He is always talking to her in his cute voice and she takes it all in! He really is sweet on her. I think that he will always be protective of her and want to make sure she is ok, even if he is a little rough. Whew, well... that post was long overdue. We have a busy day today so I better get moving. More updates sooner rather than later because we have a big (someone is turning 5!!!) day this coming Wednesday! EEEEEEEK. Until then...


Annie :) said...

she looks more like averie then i thought. love the tongue out!!!!

Shawna said...

No freakin way! I love how you journal certain aspects in their lives. I need to get better at that. Like at take the same pic at 6 months for all kids. Guess I'm a little behind, oops! I love how they all have their lil bandaids on too. CUTE! Have fun tonight hanging with Shan. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

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