Thursday, January 14, 2010


A little bright... but it's a neat pic with her blue eyes and smile.

So... here is a quick update on how things are going around here... we are so busy. Now that the holidays are done, I would have expected things to slow down a tad, but well, they haven't yet. I am doing okay on my New Year's resolution (to plan ahead...), although some days I can't even keep up with everything, let alone get ahead. Matt has been so great, using days off to help me clean and get ahead, grocery shopping and keeping the big kids focused when I need to tend to Colbie. He and I also started working out together again, which has been nice, allowing us to connect more. It must be the alone time with no kids...

As for Averie, she is still so much a little mama. She loves on Colbie, leads Baylor and is very outgoing, independent and a leader. She organizes playtime with Baylor and has tons of great ideas for playtime and just goes from one creative thing to the next... it is great to watch. She also is doing great during our school time, she loves writing letters and sounding out words. She is also very into projects and art time. I love watching her learn and thrive during school and can't wait to elaborate on her learning in the fall for kindergarten. I just love her energy and spunk.

Baylor boy. Sweet boy. He has quickly gotten over his "terrible 3's". I honestly think it was a result of me not being "around" or in charge right after Colbie came along. Grandma was in charge for a while and I think the transition back to me being in charge threw him for a little loop. But he is the sweetest boy to Colbie. He offers her his blanket and duck all the time. Just this am he read her a book and told her "it's okay, Colbie, I am here..." So sweet. He is also my helper. He always wants to get things for me, put things away, etc. I just love his sweetness. He sits quietly with me after his nap, just watching me nurse Colbie. What adorable loving boy.

And Miss Colbie... she is so fun! She is doing great with nursing (and refusing bottles...). Nursing about 6 - 7 times a day. Her schedule is being tweaked right now because she suddenly stopped sleeping 7 hours at night and went back to 4.5 and I think it was because she did not nurse enough during the day with only 6 feedings. So, today I have been feeding her every 3 hours with hopes that she lasts longer at night. We shall see... after each feeding during the day she stays awake for about 45 minutes. She will sit in your lap, in her swing, in her bouncy seat, under her play gym, in her pack-n-play and her favorite, under her mobile in the crib. She will smile and talk and just be so sweet! She is so content and happy 99.9% of the time. She does start fussing when she gets sleepy and then it's time for a swaddle and her bassinet. She rarely cries before falling asleep for her naps, which she has 3 of a day. And occasionally a cat nap in my arms in the evenings (like 30 or 45 minutes)... we had dropped the cat nap and she did great, until she started waking up at 3 am again... so, today is a test to see if extra feeding during the day = longer sleep at night! Well, she is waking up now from her nap and we are off to Grandma's for dinner... more updates soon! :o)

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