Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Sweet 3 month old girl. Love those baby blues!

So, seriously. How did 3 months go by and I didn't even know??? And why is Colbie so big??? Can someone answer me? So, seriously. Colbie is so sweet. I just love her so much. She smiles at me all day long, even while she eats. She squeals and gets excited when she sees me and just loves being talked to. I love our special together time during the big kids naps, we usually just sit on the couch and chat. You are growing like crazy, I haven't measured you or weighed you, but will try to do that later today. Your next check-up isn't until 4 months. And more pesky shots. Your last set of shots were horrible. You screamed in pain all evening when you weren't sleeping or eating. It was heart-wrenching. After some tylenol and a nap and a feeding (and 5 or 6 hours later...) and some leg movement you were better. I will dose you with tylenol before we go next time and exercise your legs more before you nap. You are reaching towards toys, you love sucking on your fist. You might be a thumb/fist/finger sucker someday when you get more coordinated! You love your mobile time so much, it brings you out of a crabby mood. You talk to it and smile at it and just love it. You are great on tummy time too, very strong. We don't do tummy time enough and I need to do it more. I imagine you will roll sooner the more tummy time we do! Saturday we are doing your 3 month pics with Aunt Shawna, I can't wait! They will be beautiful. Ok, going to go get some things done. You are napping and the bigs are with Grandma! Love you sweet girl.

Colbie and Baylor snuggling.

Baylor at 3 months

Averie at 3 months

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