Sunday, January 11, 2009


Boxers or briefs? Boxer-briefs!

Modeling them!

He wasn't so sure about wearing them...but he did! His front tooth is brown because he just had an M&M for peeing on the potty.

So, potty training has begun! YAY! And Baylor is doing so great. We decided to start because he peed on the potty on his own Friday before his bath. He has been acting like he could do the potty thing...but I have honestly been so distracted and just knew it would need to be all or nothing to get it going...but Saturday we started it. He started out on Saturday with 2 accidents and about 10x peeing on the potty. He was even dry for his nap. Today, he had 1 accident and went on the potty 10x or so. He had an accident at dinner today, but went pee on the potty while we were out and stayed dry while we were there and until we got home. We picked him up some pull-ups for when we are out and about...but it is undies at home! We are only going through 1 diaper a day now. He was dry for nap today as well (I swear it is a fluke, but we'll see!). Today he could pee when I asked him. Only once has he peed without me asking him to, so I am waiting for him to start "feeling" the urge. Soon I hope! We will be staying home tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and most of we will see soon if it is really time! Okay...more potty updates soon!!


Grandma Pam said...

SO cute, what a big boy! Love you!

Michelle said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay baylor!

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