Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Max, Maddie, Baylor and Averie having Christmas!

The Marble Run Averie and Baylor got from Max and Maddie.
It has produced HOURS of fun so far! For me too!

Well, we have been "snowed in" for the day today and just playing and playing and getting all of the toys out and having a fun time! I think we'll get out tomorrow, even if it is only to Kroger down the road. Baylor, evidently, was very ready to potty train...he has been telling us since yesterday that "pee [is] coming," and he'll find his potty and with a little help pull down his cars (cars aka pull-ups) and pee! It is great to have him going on the potty and the hard part was literally only Saturday and Sunday, getting him on the potty before he peed, many many times. Now he can feel it coming! YAY! And the bm's are coming along as well. He has had a couple little bm's, Sunday and Monday and then today he let it all out, on the potty without being upset! He said "poop coming" and sat down! So great! SO BIG! I am so proud of you B!


Chasity said...

WTG Baylor!! What a big boy!! Great gift too!!

Shawna said...

That is so awesome! Baylor is such a smart little man. I'm so happy that he's potty training for you. Geez, when that third baby comes,it will be a breeze for ya with two kids going on the potty. So cool! Maybe Baylor could have a heart to heart with Jett.

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