Sunday, December 21, 2008


Visiting Santa. The kids loved it and wanted to go back moments after we were done. They can't wait til next year to visit him again! It's kind of nice too, we've had the same Santa 3 years in a row now!

The finished sugar cookies! Decorated by Averie and Baylor!

The kids really enjoyed decorating the cookies with sprinkles and sugar and red hots!

Having painting time! Averie's beautiful abstract artwork.

Baylor's work of art.

They are so proud of their gingerbread choo-choo!

Outside time! We were out for about 15 minutes. Just walking around and getting some fresh, crisp air. Baylor was laughing so hard at the way Averie was brushing the snow off the little ledge. It just cracked him up!

Snow angel Averie!

WOW, Christmas is so close! I can't believe it. Everyone here is so excited and feeling so magical about the Holiday! Averie is just giddy with anticipation and Baylor just follows her lead! More photos to come, probably after the hustle and bustle of the week! Enjoy it everyone!!

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Annie :) said...

merry christmas!!! where did you see santa?? the pics are great and he looks awesome!!

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