Tuesday, December 16, 2008


At dinner the night we got to Chicago...it was late for the kids, but they did great!

Averie and her favorite way to "ride" around the city! At least Matt's neck was warm!

The kids in the fitting room window at Macy's. I thought the view was neat and the pics turned out cute! Bright and sunny...but not warm!

Averie and her baby "Abby."

The kids at the hotel we stayed at, hanging out with the Christmas trees.

Wow! What a fun family time we had in Chicago! We were able to relax and keep the hustle and bustle of "regular" life at home. We rested, walked everywhere, shopped the Magnificent Mile and just spent time together as a family! The kids really enjoyed the Rain Forest Cafe, Disney Store (they've never been in our Disney Store), Macy's, American Girl and the few other restaurants we ate at. And mostly I kept up my healthy eating (I've been counting calories for the last month now). One splurge was the apple crisp Baylor had to have ;o) at California Pizza Kitchen. It was our last meal in Chicago and Matt would not share the brownie sundae he ordered with Averie...so we splurged! We definitely plan to go back when the weather is warmer and see some of the museums and the aquarium that is supposed to be amazing! We will also take the train and stay in a more luxurious hotel (meaning we would like a pool and a restaurant in the hotel). But all in all the location was great and we found our way without too much trouble! I even got to take a taxi about 5 minutes away to a baby shower for an old roommate (she is having a boy in February). We had so much fun and can't wait to have another family vacation soon!


Annie :) said...

wow sounds like a blast, maybe we should check out chicago some time, everyone who goes says good things about it.

BuckeyeBundle said...

sounds like a great time! I love the Mag. Mile!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
Big hugs and kisses!

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