Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, we had the kids well-checks this morning! Baylor for 18 months and Averie for 3 years! Both went extremely well...Averie was a tad nervous but she only got a little teary eyed when she had to take her clothes off to be examined. Last year at two they didn't do that (probably because she was crying the whole time), so we didn't know that was in the plans. She also had to pee in a cup (which she has done before, but for a different potty in the car...use frozen coke cup instead...she thought it was silly). So, she had gone right when we got there in the waiting room so we had to take it back later (like an hour later while we were at Anderson's she went, so we dropped it back off at the Dr. and they checked it and it was normal). But everything really went well, Averie even got her blood pressure taken, it was so cute! The Dr. was happy to see such healthy kids and said they looked great (she said she sees a ton of couch potatoes these days). They are also growing right along the curve. Baylor is still small: 22lbs exactly (6th%) and 32.5" (51st%). His head on the other hand "greater than the 97th%" is what the percentile calculator said. Haha, lots of brains in there! Baylor is actually 2.5 inches taller than Averie was at that age. I am surprised! Averie weighed in at 31.5lbs (55th%) and 36.5" (30th%). So, they were both very healthy! And done with "healthy shots" (what we call them) until flu shots next fall!!! YEA!!!

Other than that we've been keeping pretty busy. Baylor is a ball of energy. He loves keeping up with his sis, playing outside has been so much fun with him this year so far. He explores, runs, climbs up the mulch hills around the deck, digs holes with his "fuh-vuh," he ALWAYS has at least one (usually one in each hand) rock in his hand as he is exploring. He really likes to swing, but only wants Mama to push him. Tonight while I cooked dinner, the kids kept following Daddy to the field with a wheel barrow full of sod. We are taking out parts of the sod to plant our seeds for our flower garden. We planted in preschool. All of our seeds have sprouted this week but the green peppers. I think the packet said those would be a week later anyways. We have Coreopsis, Sweet Peas, Marigolds, Green/Red Peppers, Cucumbers, Cherry and Big tomatoes, Daisies and at least one more I can't think of right now. And excuse the spelling. OH, can't forget the Sunflowers (Annie!). Those are going right in front of the barn. I've already cleared a space. The kids I started to say...following Daddy to the field and helping him drop the grass/sod we were done with back there, then they would following him back. It was neat to watch both kids be able to explore and run around together. Averie is so into her swing. She swings on her belly and just flies! I can't wait to have the swing set up and put together. That is another project we have going on in the works right now. Averie is also a helper. We planted a pot of some fancy roses into three smaller containers to sit outside. She moved the soil for me. She also likes to water everything. Just wait till it's warmer, she won't put the hose down. The kids are also looking forward to the pool being open. Every time we go by it, Baylor says "Cindy." As in Miss Cindy, as in swimming lessons. So cute! Averie is also very good at playing and watching Baylor. She has been pushing him up our little mulch hill on the "motorcycle" (actually an old princess bike from Tay, El and Em) and helping him roll back down. They did this over and over today.

Right now, the house is quiet (I'm finishing this post at almost 9pm), I can hear the bird chirping outside because the window is open and it's still at least 60 degrees. I hear the kids white noises going too, but with all this fresh air, they have been sleeping very well. And I never have trouble really with naps, they have just been even longer! And more tired at night. Tomorrow we will be waking up a tad early and going to the bounce house again. I hope it isn't crowded, we are picking up Delaney and she gets to go with us this time. It should be fun, she is also spending the night to Saturday. That is the only plan for me for the weekend. Pending the rain forecast Daddy and Grandpa will be starting to tear up the deck! We have the supplies for our new deck already, so the sooner the better in my opinion! That is another project on the never-ending-project-list. I suppose I will end this long book now. I will go post a few pictures of what we've been up to lately! Ta-ta-for-now!

Finger painting fun (last week)!

Today after dinner. The many faces of silly Averie!

Today after dinner...the many faces of Baylor.

Outside yesterday morning.

Outside yesterday morning.

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